Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Been busy

Hi all, went swimming again this morning did my 50 - 60 lengths and then had a mocha. Came home and had breaky 1 slice peanut butter on toast and tea, lovely. Got hubby his bacon sandwich and coffee then we had to do some digging for putting posts in. Before that though I finished my staining of the decking as I needed to get inbetween the big deck boards where the dribbles had gone, probably the end bits will need one more coat then that's a job finished. Still got 2 sides of the summerhouse to do though. Hubby and I managed to get 2 concrete posts in, so during the week we can put the last fence panel in. Just been ironing for a while and that's it. Feeling tired so might have an early night or listen to some music in bed. Can't be up too late tomorrow as I want to be down the doggy docs by 9am for Saffy. After her stitches come out will have to take her out for a walk, poor soul it must be about a month she's been under house arrest. Won't go too far with her though. Inbetween lessons Friday went for a walk with my 3 one min jogs thrown in as I wanted to see how it went and it was fine.Yesterday treated hubby to a pizza as a belated birthday lunch and a wonder around town. Signing off now as I need to put the ironing board away. Take care all, Linda x

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