Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Tuesday 24th Aug

Hi all. Just back from a week in the beautiful country of Norway, such a lovely place. Hubby and I went on a hike up a mountain to visit a glacier. I think the bumff in the brouchure was a bit out on the description as they said it was about 45 mins. It took us longer and it was all uphill on the way up and we had to go over a bridge under a waterfall and we got soaked. It's been going for a few thousand years and it is going back on itself at the moment as it's now 1/2 way up the mountain again. If anyone wants beautiful scenery Norway is the place to visit. The weather was fab, sun at each port. Bad news though, Saffy had to go to prison (kennels) for the week. She wasn't too well while there so when I got her back I had to give her a bath as she'd had the runs and she was taken to the doggy docs. She's fine now and enjoying her normal routine. Mum and I the charity shops yesterday near home and I got a fab black,long dress covered in silver sequins, just what I always wanted and just right for a formal night on a cruise, cost £20 and it's brand new as it still has all the labels on. Today back to work and when I'd finished started back at the jogging again. Bye for now, hope all is well in blog land, Linda x

Sunday, 8 August 2010


Hi all. Went swimming this morning and hubby came to. He tells me he did about 10 lengths which is ok as it's been a long time since he went to the pool. We had a coffee after then home. Hubby got on with painting the fence and after breaky I did the fiddly bits around the summerhouse windows and doors. I've got the last 2 sides to paint now. I was just about to start dinner for hubby and mum when I heard a loud bang and a pigeon had flown in the conservatory. He flew out again after he'd hit another window but he made quite a mess. When looking at what he'd done it looked just like shotgun pellets but I'm guessing it was undigested seed, very interesting as I'd never seen it before, bugger to clear up though. I've put a picture of Saffy chilling on the patio. I took her for a slightly longer walk today as she has a limp now so I wanted to see how she went for the rest of the day, so far seems ok. Better go and check on the dinner, Linda x

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Evening all

Hi all, Saffy is still walking with a limp so I will have to mention it at the vets tomorrow as I have the insurance forms to pick up. Expensive business this, so far it's cost almost £450 ish. I'm still keeping her on her lead as I'm not sure about the limp. I've been busy doing some chiping and chopping as the recycling for gardening comes tomorrow and it will save me a trip to the dump. Hubby had a pizza tonight and he always orders chicken strips which he and Saffy share, ahh bless. Been busy booking fairs for Nov and Dec so hopefully should be busy just before crimbo. Hope to get up early and go swimming in the morning at 7.30am. Was going to go the other night but couldn't really face it so I donned my runners and did my walk/ 3 one min jogs. Stumped to say anything else, that makes a change I hear someone say, so I'll sign off, Linda x

Monday, 2 August 2010

Stitches a thing of the past

Hurra, the stitches are gone. Saffy wasn't too impressed when he was taking 4 lots out as the hair had started to grow back, and the first thing he did was cut himself. Forgot to mention as he was putting her on the table he banged her head so when he cut himself he said that was payback from Saffron. After the visit to the doggy docs we walked home and than I took her for a stroll over the common, nothing fancy but I think she enjoyed the sniff round. I finished the decking today so at least that's a job done.Did some gardening today and got a bit filthy and have had something in my eye for about 4 hrs that I can't shift. I've tried pulling the lid and have used an eye bath but can't get rid of it. My eye isn't watering as I wear contacts and am used to something in my eye but this is different.Just having a cuppa now, Linda x

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Been busy

Hi all, went swimming again this morning did my 50 - 60 lengths and then had a mocha. Came home and had breaky 1 slice peanut butter on toast and tea, lovely. Got hubby his bacon sandwich and coffee then we had to do some digging for putting posts in. Before that though I finished my staining of the decking as I needed to get inbetween the big deck boards where the dribbles had gone, probably the end bits will need one more coat then that's a job finished. Still got 2 sides of the summerhouse to do though. Hubby and I managed to get 2 concrete posts in, so during the week we can put the last fence panel in. Just been ironing for a while and that's it. Feeling tired so might have an early night or listen to some music in bed. Can't be up too late tomorrow as I want to be down the doggy docs by 9am for Saffy. After her stitches come out will have to take her out for a walk, poor soul it must be about a month she's been under house arrest. Won't go too far with her though. Inbetween lessons Friday went for a walk with my 3 one min jogs thrown in as I wanted to see how it went and it was fine.Yesterday treated hubby to a pizza as a belated birthday lunch and a wonder around town. Signing off now as I need to put the ironing board away. Take care all, Linda x