Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

swimming at 9.30 pm

Hi all, last night I was on the pc and thought, do I want to be on here for longer or shall I go for a swim...........swimming won. At 9.15pm I donned my costume and headed for the pool. I did my 40 mins and it must be more that 50 lengths now as I'm managing to do more front crawl inbetween the breast stroke. No coffee shops open and it was dark outside. I got home about 10.30pm. It cost me full price which was a surprise but when I phoned the pool up today to check I can only get concessions during term time unless it's early morning lane swim. That will probably cut down on my swimming a bit as it costs £4.40 at a time. Today is hubbies birthday so a bit later the 3 of us are going for a meal, mums treat. I'll take him out on Saturday to have a wonder around town and I said I'd treat him to a pizza for his birthday, we both love pizza. Going now as I need to feed "The Saff" and see about getting ready. Love to all, Linda x

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