Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Saffy update

Hi all, today Saffy went to the doggy docs to maybe have some stitches out but as the wound by her ear has been bleeding and got scabby he didn't remove any of them. He gave her an injection and she has some different meds as the main priority now is to stop her scratching. I've got to phone him Thursday to let him know how she's doing. So far today the back foot has not found it's way around the side of her head, fingers crossed it stays like that. Today after the vets hubby and I put up 3 new fence panels, I did a bit of chipping and a chopping in the garden and stained some decking, busy, busy, busy. Did get to bed early last night as I mentioned and slept quite well for a change.Linda x

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  1. Goodness you're active!! Swimming and fence building and everything else - I'm ashamed of myself!

    I'm glad Saffy is zonked out because it will give the ear wound some time to heal. Most healing takes place during sleep, so maybe it can get the jump on her. She'll wake up and have forgotten all about scratching it!