Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Saffy feeling better now

Hi all and as mentioned she is feeling better now. She has finished all her tablets but the doggy doc wants her to keep her stitches in for 12 days. The results came back from the lab and it's good news, the lumps seem to have been made from skin and hair, he says if she gets any more he won't worry about taking them all off so quickly. I think she is getting a bit stir crazy as she can't go out yet. I went swimming yesterday and swam for 30 mins not stop so I reckon I may have done 34 or 36lengths, I'll have to count next time as I'd like to do 50. After my swim I had a coffee but nothing to eat. Just in from a craft fair and it didn't go well. Venue good but not enough people through the doors, still that's fairs for you, think I'll leave it now until nearer to crimbo. Linda x

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