Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Sunday, 4 July 2010

OMG it's been so long

Hi there everyone, just checked the date of the last blog, where have I been for so long I ask myself. Wimbledon is over so no more being glued to the TV at every moment possible. I now have the new car, see picture or take a look at Cannon school of Motoring on facebook. It's very dinky, nifty and great to drive. Had it for 1 week and 2 days so far. Saffy went to have her booster shot last week and I showed the vet 3 lumps that have been getting bigger, he was made aware of them before,so she's in for an operation to have them removed probably this week sometime. I don't know about all your vets but ours now does a routine " poo check " before an operation. After we left the vets Friday armed with a little bottle for " poo colection " I was armed and ready for action. I didn't have to wait long before she supplied me with some evidence. The magic brown stuff has to be collected for 3 days then it goes for checking to the lab for heartworm or lungworm, the worm has completely escaped me at the moment but I have my 3 days worth of samples. Tomorrow I'll take it to the vets then it gets sent out and if it's all clear she'll get booked in for her op. There have been 2 positive cases for the little worm in our area. If it comes back with worm evidence she has to be treated for that before the op goes ahead, nasty blighters these worms. Garden doing ok and veggies coming along ok. Glad the really hot weather has gone, way too much for me. I have actually managed to prize the electric blanket from my bed to wash it, just hope the temperature doesn't drop too much or blanky gets put back on the bed pretty damn quick. Signing off, love to hear from anyone out there. Will catch up with a few blogs later, Linda x

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  1. I went and looked at your car on FaceBook - very nice! And not so dinky! Congratulations! Nothing like a new car.

    Bless her heart - hope Saffy's operation goes well!

    >After we left the vets Friday armed with a little bottle for " poo collection "

    But did they give you something to get the little slice down in there, without getting all over the rim of the bottle? I remember trying to stuff some down in the tube with a popsicle stick a few years ago...I was supposed to get a sample the other day and just decided to forget to do it. So when I took Hunter back in for a follow up, they just got a sample undignified and degrading. He hid his face in my armpit....

    >Garden doing ok and veggies coming along ok.

    We have had seven days of torrential rains - I thought the garden was going to really take off, but it seems yellow and wilted...too much rain, I reckon.

    >Glad the really hot weather has gone, way too much for me.

    Is y'all's summer over?? Ours lasts through October. =P