Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Friday, 9 July 2010

Mess eating Saffy, yuk, read after dinner please :)

Hi all, this morning after Saffy had been to the toilet in the garden I cleared up as usual ( have to or she eats it ) and put it in a nappy sack by the back gate to take over the common to put in the doggy bin, and found out shortly after she had broken the bag open and had eaten the contents. This is the first time she has ever opened a bag to get to it. When she goes over the common and gets let off her lead she has to wear a muzzle as she eats not only her own mess but anyone elses fresh mess, sorry folks but I did say read afer dinner :) I used to get fed up of her going down the vets every couple of weeks being ill because of this so in the end decided she would have to wear a muzzle. The vet says there is nothing wrong by the way before anyone asks. One of the girls above ate her mess but she grew out of it, but not "the Saff". As the weather is supposed to be very hot again Saffy will be getting a new paddling pool tomorrow as I've reserved one from Argos. It's the little apple shaped one for sand and water but this one will be Barbie pink, hope she doesn't mind :) If it's that hot we'll probably share it anyway. I'll see if I can get a couple of pictures as she loves to get in the pool and dig. This is why we have to replace them as she cracks them so often. With the new one I'll put a towel or something underneath. My hips are better now so I hope to do a tiny jog over the weekend to see what happens.Today I bought a card from Spectrum so I'm hoping to start swimming again next week. The car is running very well and the climate control is fab, haven't had a car without AC or climate for years now.Signing off now, Linda x

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