Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

swimming at 9.30 pm

Hi all, last night I was on the pc and thought, do I want to be on here for longer or shall I go for a swim...........swimming won. At 9.15pm I donned my costume and headed for the pool. I did my 40 mins and it must be more that 50 lengths now as I'm managing to do more front crawl inbetween the breast stroke. No coffee shops open and it was dark outside. I got home about 10.30pm. It cost me full price which was a surprise but when I phoned the pool up today to check I can only get concessions during term time unless it's early morning lane swim. That will probably cut down on my swimming a bit as it costs £4.40 at a time. Today is hubbies birthday so a bit later the 3 of us are going for a meal, mums treat. I'll take him out on Saturday to have a wonder around town and I said I'd treat him to a pizza for his birthday, we both love pizza. Going now as I need to feed "The Saff" and see about getting ready. Love to all, Linda x

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Saffy the no scratch kid

Hi all and as the title says, she's not scratching at all. The mess that was behind her ear looks all nice and scabby, just what the doctor ordered. Oops sorry, hope no one was eating then. All her wounds look good now so maybe the stitches will come out this week, have to see. I went swimming on Sunday and mum and I went to Dorking yesterday and had a good nose round the charity shops. Been booking a few craft fairs for Nov and Dec time so hopefully peeps might be spending then. I went to Sains this evening and when I checked my purse I only had a couple of pounds in it not the £20 note I thought I had. Had to go to the info desk and see if I had any rewards on my Sains card and thankfully I did. Managed to spend about £12, what an idiot, never mind at least I checked before I got to the checkout.Linda x

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Saffy update

Hi all, today Saffy went to the doggy docs to maybe have some stitches out but as the wound by her ear has been bleeding and got scabby he didn't remove any of them. He gave her an injection and she has some different meds as the main priority now is to stop her scratching. I've got to phone him Thursday to let him know how she's doing. So far today the back foot has not found it's way around the side of her head, fingers crossed it stays like that. Today after the vets hubby and I put up 3 new fence panels, I did a bit of chipping and a chopping in the garden and stained some decking, busy, busy, busy. Did get to bed early last night as I mentioned and slept quite well for a change.Linda x

Friday, 23 July 2010

I did it

Hi all, remember me saying I was hoping to get up and go swimming......YEH I did it. I got up at 7.15, cleaned my teeth and was in the pool by 7.33. It was like a warm bath and it was quite empty, it was great. I swam for 40 mins so I may have done just over the 50 lengths as I can now do about 4 whole lengths of front crawl, not all together I hasten to add and I did a length of backstroke the rest is breast stroke my fav. After the swim I had a soya coffee as a treat, breakfast when I came home. Last night I gave Saffy 2 piriton tablets as the vet said I could up it while she's not on her medrone and I think it was 1/2 a tab too many as she still seems pretty zonked at the moment and it's 10.10 am. Might just give her 1 1/2 tonight but at least she's not been awake most of the night scratching, bless. At the moment she's off her food so for her breaky I put the antibiotics in a sausage roll in 3 parts which she has eaten but that's all. Feel a bit hyper at the moment but I know that will wear off later. Signing off now as I need to go and get ready then mum and I will go and have a quick look around a charity shop and sains then hubby and I will be doing our bigger shop at Tescos later, Linda x

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Saffy been to the doggy docs tonight

Hi all, Saffy went to the doggy docs tonight as the wound behind her ear has gone a bit yucky. The stitches are fine it's just that she has managed to scratch around the area and made it sore and red. The vet said it had got infected so she gave Saffy an injection with a touch of antibiotic and she's got some tablets to start on tomorrow. The stitches on her back, leg and shoulder are doing well and I reckon they might come out Saturday but maybe not by her ear, have to wait and see. I was going swimming at 7.45 am today but I'm afraid I got up went to the loo and got back into bed. To make up for the lack of effort on my part hubby and I went for a 55 min walk this evening, I'm hoping to go for a swim tomorrow as I'm not working, I must not be lazy. It's about 9.55 pm and I'm really tired so I might go to bed then hopefully can get up early in the morning. Signing off, Linda x

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Saffy update

Hi all, Saffy is very itchy as she's not on her normal medication but hopefully her stitches will be coming out on Saturday. She runs about a bit mad sometimes and is limping but perhaps if she feels a bit of pain she might slow down. The vet says she needs to heal and he'll have a look at her on Saturday to see if she needs any more painkillers. I went swimming yesterday and swam for 40 mins and finally got to the 50lengths I was after, treated myself to a coffee afterwards. I'm still doing my situps and pressups, I'm really trying hard now. I did a fair on Sunday but it wasn't very good. The venue was great, people nice but not enough peeps through the doors. I won't be doing any now until Oct onwards when I hope people will be looking for crimbo pressies.I'm trying my hand at making soap now but got it a bit wrong yesterday so have tried again tonight. It's a good job I'm swimming so I can use my iffy soap bars. I've got lots of toms on my tomato plants so I'm looking forward to eating some of them. Think I'll sign off now and go and have a cuppa. I'll keep you updated on "The Saff" and I really will get some more photos, Linda x

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Saffy feeling better now

Hi all and as mentioned she is feeling better now. She has finished all her tablets but the doggy doc wants her to keep her stitches in for 12 days. The results came back from the lab and it's good news, the lumps seem to have been made from skin and hair, he says if she gets any more he won't worry about taking them all off so quickly. I think she is getting a bit stir crazy as she can't go out yet. I went swimming yesterday and swam for 30 mins not stop so I reckon I may have done 34 or 36lengths, I'll have to count next time as I'd like to do 50. After my swim I had a coffee but nothing to eat. Just in from a craft fair and it didn't go well. Venue good but not enough people through the doors, still that's fairs for you, think I'll leave it now until nearer to crimbo. Linda x

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Thanks all

Thank you for your well wishes for "The Saff". No problems with her eating now she's allowed food. Today the bleary eyes have gone and she's limping slightly as she has 2 lots of stitches on her right side, by her ear and shoulder. It's sad to see her in pain when the pain killers wear off between feeding times. Mike slept on the floor with her downstairs last night but I think they will both be going upstairs tonight. Today I thought she'd pulled a stitch out but when I had a good look, it was a bit of fluffy cotton wool that had moved. No she hasn't got a big cone on her head but we have to keep an eye on her stratching at the stitches she can reach, so far so good. I remember when we were going to have Willow put to sleep just after Crimbo a few years ago Mike and I camped downstairs with the 3 girls under the crimbo tree, they took it in turns to sleep on the beds we'd made on the floor. We had her put to sleep on Dec 27th, a sad day for us. I know there may be people who read this and must be thinking " what the devil is she on about, camping out on the floor for a dog ". Those of you who have animals and care for them will probably understand what I mean. Bye for now, will keep you up to date on saffron, Linda x

Monday, 12 July 2010

Saffy home after her operation.

Hi all, I took Saffy to the vets today and had to wait quite a while before she went in, but only 10 mins after the pre-med her eyes were all bleary and she was almost zonked. We picked her up at 5.30pm all red eyed and wobbly and she has 4 quite big wounds with stitches over different parts of her body. There will be no walks for her for a few days. The stitches will be coming out in about 11 days and the lumps will be sent off to histology to make sure everything is ok. Such a shame seeing them like that. Anyway fingers crossed all will be fine. I had a go at making a bar of soap the other day and it looks ok and smells nice so I might actually use it this evening. I went swimming yesterday at 11am and did 30 lengths in 25 mins then went and treated myself to a coffee and something to eat. Hope to go at least 2 or 3 times a week now plus my walking and baby jogs. I thought it was going to be pouring with rain today but all we had was a few drops now and then. I've just read the weather forecast for the rest of the week and it does look like the wet weather is coming. Now it's cooled down though at least we can all get some sleep. Hope everyone is well, signing off, Linda x

Friday, 9 July 2010

Mess eating Saffy, yuk, read after dinner please :)

Hi all, this morning after Saffy had been to the toilet in the garden I cleared up as usual ( have to or she eats it ) and put it in a nappy sack by the back gate to take over the common to put in the doggy bin, and found out shortly after she had broken the bag open and had eaten the contents. This is the first time she has ever opened a bag to get to it. When she goes over the common and gets let off her lead she has to wear a muzzle as she eats not only her own mess but anyone elses fresh mess, sorry folks but I did say read afer dinner :) I used to get fed up of her going down the vets every couple of weeks being ill because of this so in the end decided she would have to wear a muzzle. The vet says there is nothing wrong by the way before anyone asks. One of the girls above ate her mess but she grew out of it, but not "the Saff". As the weather is supposed to be very hot again Saffy will be getting a new paddling pool tomorrow as I've reserved one from Argos. It's the little apple shaped one for sand and water but this one will be Barbie pink, hope she doesn't mind :) If it's that hot we'll probably share it anyway. I'll see if I can get a couple of pictures as she loves to get in the pool and dig. This is why we have to replace them as she cracks them so often. With the new one I'll put a towel or something underneath. My hips are better now so I hope to do a tiny jog over the weekend to see what happens.Today I bought a card from Spectrum so I'm hoping to start swimming again next week. The car is running very well and the climate control is fab, haven't had a car without AC or climate for years now.Signing off now, Linda x

Monday, 5 July 2010

Saffy booked in for op.

Hi there. Took the magic brown stuff down the vets this morning and will phone tomorrow about the results. If all is well she will have her op to remove the 3 lumps next Monday. It's a shame after an op as they look so sad and they don't understand the pain they feel. I always wonder about the pain relief they get. I made some bath bombs today and will get them labelled and written up as I'm hoping to sell a few of these in the next week or 2, I must say the house smells nice after making these things. My running/walking has come to an abrupt halt as I've got really painful hips from last week. I did my jog and walking last Sunday week and on the Monday mum and I went to Spectrum to look round and we took the stairs rather than the lift and on Tuesday I had a lot of pain in both hips. Managed to get a doctors appointment for this Thursday so hopefully he can give me some more tablets that help with things like bad backs and whiplash. I'm dosed up with painkillers and done no real walking for over a week and I feel really bad about it. I don't know, you try and get fit and Bang something goes wrong. Feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment, never mind. Signing off, Linda x

Sunday, 4 July 2010

OMG it's been so long

Hi there everyone, just checked the date of the last blog, where have I been for so long I ask myself. Wimbledon is over so no more being glued to the TV at every moment possible. I now have the new car, see picture or take a look at Cannon school of Motoring on facebook. It's very dinky, nifty and great to drive. Had it for 1 week and 2 days so far. Saffy went to have her booster shot last week and I showed the vet 3 lumps that have been getting bigger, he was made aware of them before,so she's in for an operation to have them removed probably this week sometime. I don't know about all your vets but ours now does a routine " poo check " before an operation. After we left the vets Friday armed with a little bottle for " poo colection " I was armed and ready for action. I didn't have to wait long before she supplied me with some evidence. The magic brown stuff has to be collected for 3 days then it goes for checking to the lab for heartworm or lungworm, the worm has completely escaped me at the moment but I have my 3 days worth of samples. Tomorrow I'll take it to the vets then it gets sent out and if it's all clear she'll get booked in for her op. There have been 2 positive cases for the little worm in our area. If it comes back with worm evidence she has to be treated for that before the op goes ahead, nasty blighters these worms. Garden doing ok and veggies coming along ok. Glad the really hot weather has gone, way too much for me. I have actually managed to prize the electric blanket from my bed to wash it, just hope the temperature doesn't drop too much or blanky gets put back on the bed pretty damn quick. Signing off, love to hear from anyone out there. Will catch up with a few blogs later, Linda x