Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Sunday, 2 May 2010

I made " bath crumbs " today

Hi all. Today I thought I'd make a couple of bath bombs as I now have my certificate, but I made the mixture too wet and now I have a lovely smelling kitchen and a load of "bath crumbs". I'll use them in the bath when I can demould one 1/2 as I couldn't get it out of the mould and use the other bits as I go. Tomorrow is another day as the saying goes when I'll try again, fingers crossed for better results. No gardening today as it's been wet all day. Regardless of the weather tomorrow I'll be putting my tomato plants out. A bit of a miserable day today but I did manage to get my things priced up for next weeks fair, so it wasn't a complete waste.Think I might watch Lewis later on as I like it and I read he may have a love interest in these episodes, ah bless. Think I'll sign off now and check some blogs. Bye for now, Linda x

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  1. Hi there - Lewis...that's the spin-off from Inspector Morse, right? I'm really loving Pie in the Sky...hope they get some more out on dvd soon!
    AND, I just discovered there is a series six of Foyle's War!! How cool is that!!