Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Monday, 10 May 2010

Hi all

Hello everyone, not much happening except still waiting for an outcome of the election, what a farce IMHO. All plants and veggies in but what's happened to the sun, perhaps I just answered my own question, I put my hands up it's all my fault. If I pull all my plants up again perhaps the sun will come out. Mind you I do remember saying a couple of weeks ago that could have been summer, looks like I may have been right. I did a fair yesterday, not good. Can't give any figures as I don't want to depress myself again. Next one is in July at a college so hopefully more peeps through the doors as parents usually support their children.Still making bath bombs and I have so much " bath fairy dust " and a couple of normal ones as well. Found out that the scent has to measured but that's ok now. Will soon be at the stage when I get people to test a few for me. 2 people at the fair yesterday were selling bath bombs so I had a chat with them and they both said it's trial and error at getting the mixture just right. I had one in the bath Saturday and the colour was really dark I can't make that mistake again but the one last night I used whizzed round the bath like a goodun. Hubby just arrived home so better sign off and get him something to eat. Hope all is well for you out in blogland, take care and don't get lost or stolen, Linda x

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  1. Glad the bath bombs are going better.

    Just watching the news and agree the whole parliment thing is a total shambles.