Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Friday, 23 April 2010

Today Friday

Hello there everyone in blog land. I've had a couple of busy days. Yesterday mum and I went to the nursery to pick up some paving slabs and stopped off for a cuppa, then we dropped off a cheque for a fair in November,next to the bank then home for lunch. Next a trip to homebase for a few plants then I think we'd had enough. I tried something slightly different for dinner for hubby and mum, macaroni cheese with spring onions and cherry tomatoes, they both said it was nice. I was debating whether to get ready for bed or come up on the pc but decided to go shopping instead at 20.40 to sains although they close at 22.00. Mum said she's get changed and come too. Off we trot and managed to get most things although there wasn't much veg about at that time. So another trip to tescos tomorrow. Came back and unpacked and in bed by about 11pm. Today I did something really stupid. I put the bin out last night with the recycling and before I took Saffy out this morning I saw the recycling had been done so I brought the bins in. Went over the common with Saffy and as I came home saw the bin men up the road just having emptied the wheelie bins, silly me had brought mine in before it was done, another trip to the dump tomorrow as well, I still can't believe what I did. Been painting the summerhouse as well and will be doing more all over the weekend, about 3 hrs seem to be my limit at the moment.What fab weather we're having, great for doing the washing, but my ironing will have to be done in shifts as I have so many shirts to iron. Signing off now and will catch up with a few other blogs. Have a safe and happy weekend one and all, Linda x

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