Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Saturday evening.

Evening all, first bit of news, my favourite pupil passed her test yesterday, I really don't know who is the more pleased. Have been in for about 1/2 hr as mum treated the 3 of us to dinner at the Refectory, Milford and very nice it was too. What another fab day, weather wise wasn't it. Have now got my facebook page up and running but what a struggle it's been. It must have taken me about 8 hrs in total and lots of pleading for help as I couldn't get the facebook page to come up on my blog. I got so upset last night after going around in circles for about 2 hrs that I had to shut down the pc and go to bed and read.I was planning on making necklaces today but have been too busy. No tea in bed this morning as I was awake at 5am and was still awake at 6.17 so decided to get up. Saffy and I were over the common at 9.30 and most of the time I'm still in bed at this time. I think mum and I were in Tescos about 10.30, so early for us. I was going to make prawn cocktails for Mike and mum tonight but as we went out for dinner they will have them tomorrow. For lunch they can have the paninis I didn't cook today either. Hope all is well for all you fellow bloggers and anyone who has been at craft fairs, I hope it was worth your while. Signing off now, Linda x

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