Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Car boot sale

Evening all. Mum and I did go to the car boot today and it was huge, bigger than it ever was before, in total we were out for 3 hours. We both got a few bits so we were happy. I took my ironing up to the summerhouse today and got on with it listening to music and having a dance around in the process, really had a great time. I never got round to making any necklaces this weekend but I should have the house to myself tomorrow so will be busy making a mess making necklaces then. It was quite chilly today and at the moment I'm freezing so I must finish here and put my blanket on. Just watched Foyles War. I do like that programme but it also made me feel sad about the people coming back after the war and what they came back to and as the chap in the programme said " what was it all for ". I don't really know much about the war as we weren't taught it at school, perhaps children should know what went on and then they may respect the older generation that fought for their freedom, won't go on about that here as I could be here for a long time if I start. Signing off now, night, night all, Linda x

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