Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Friday, 30 April 2010

Friday, it's been a while

Hi all, I didn't realize it had been this long since I blogged last. Been busy buying plants and getting them in the ground, they look a bit lonely at the moment but when they bush out they should look great. Mum planted a couple of hanging baskets so looking forward to some flowers there. We've planted pansies, I really love them at the moment, snapdragons and margarites, kept it to a mostly white and yellow theme. We got some more pansies in homebase for £1 for a box full so hopefully we can get them planted along with the tomato plants over the weekend. I gave the grass it's first cut of the year on Thursday and it's now looking a bit more like a garden rather than a builders yard after the work we've been doing over the last few months. It's bank holiday weekend so guess what.........the weather is supposed to be rubbish, quell surprise. Saffron finally finished the chew in the picture and it didn't take her long at all really. My pupil who passed her test recently is coming over tomorrow so we can catch up with her latest happenings. Now is the time to watch for fleas and ticks on our pets, not found any on Saffy but she does usually get a few ticks, nasty little blood, sucking, vampire things those. Finally got my driving school www up and running, nothing fancy but at least " I'm out there ". Signing off now as I must do my nails, Linda x

Monday, 26 April 2010

Saffy and her chew

Hi all. Not been working today so mum and I went to sains homebase for some growbags for repotting a couple of large plants. When we got home we had to transplant a couple of hebes that were potbound. I bought in memory of when my girls died. When we finally got them out of the tubs they had a radical hair cut, my term for a good prune then took a lot of the old roots away then re planted them. The 2 holes we dug were almost big enough to bury someone in, ok a slight exaggeration there on my part. Later in the evening I cut the grass and we both did some chipping and a chopping as I call it.More trips to the dump to get rid of the garden waste, I think there are 4 bags in the shed ready to go.If you look at the latest picture of Saffron you can see the chew hubby and I bought for her at Crufts.She has managed to eat about 2/3rds of it but she has given it up for now. I have run my bath so I must get into it as I'm a bit worried that I'll seize up in a minute. I'm still having my electric blanket on every evening and I probably will for sometime yet, it's lovely. I didn't do any painting in the summerhouse yesterday as I was busy with ironing and other things not that I can remember what they were. Back to work tomorrow. Signing off now,Linda

Friday, 23 April 2010

Today Friday

Hello there everyone in blog land. I've had a couple of busy days. Yesterday mum and I went to the nursery to pick up some paving slabs and stopped off for a cuppa, then we dropped off a cheque for a fair in November,next to the bank then home for lunch. Next a trip to homebase for a few plants then I think we'd had enough. I tried something slightly different for dinner for hubby and mum, macaroni cheese with spring onions and cherry tomatoes, they both said it was nice. I was debating whether to get ready for bed or come up on the pc but decided to go shopping instead at 20.40 to sains although they close at 22.00. Mum said she's get changed and come too. Off we trot and managed to get most things although there wasn't much veg about at that time. So another trip to tescos tomorrow. Came back and unpacked and in bed by about 11pm. Today I did something really stupid. I put the bin out last night with the recycling and before I took Saffy out this morning I saw the recycling had been done so I brought the bins in. Went over the common with Saffy and as I came home saw the bin men up the road just having emptied the wheelie bins, silly me had brought mine in before it was done, another trip to the dump tomorrow as well, I still can't believe what I did. Been painting the summerhouse as well and will be doing more all over the weekend, about 3 hrs seem to be my limit at the moment.What fab weather we're having, great for doing the washing, but my ironing will have to be done in shifts as I have so many shirts to iron. Signing off now and will catch up with a few other blogs. Have a safe and happy weekend one and all, Linda x

Monday, 19 April 2010

Just relaxing

Hi all, had the blood tests done, will have to wait to pick up the results when they are ready and take when I have my hospital appointment. After the blood test I came home and had a cuppa and breakfast as this was a fasting blood test so I was desperate for my tea. Mum and I went to sains and I was in the queue for a coffee when we were told to evacuate the store, don't know what the trouble was but will find out as it will probably be in the local paper.I'm just having a sit down as my knees are sore after yesterday. Lovely day again and mum is watering the tubs in the garden and I'm just sitting here with my feet up watching her.Don't fancy doing much for the rest of the day until dinner time. Signing off, take care all and I hope the stranded people get back sometime soon. Linda

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunday evening

Evening all, been busy today. After breakfast took Saffy out then came back and started painting in the summerhouse. I had to do a window, some of the door frames and the skirting boards. Spent about 4 hours up there then decided I'd had enough of making my poor knees suffer and almost being upside down doing the skirting, so called it a day. Will have to keep going back to it until it's finished. My cousin came to see us yesterday as he had a job nearby, it was good to catch up as we haven't seen him for a long time. He and his wife were due to fly out to Spain in the morning but not now due to the problems. The weather was lovely again today but no time for gardening until I've finished painting. Mum did a bit of gardening and hubby was busy with paving slabs. Managed to get Saffron over the field this evening as the horses were in the 3rd field as I don't like to get too close to them as I don't know how Saffy would take to them. Last week I made a beaded spectacle holder and it was quite fiddly but I'm pleased with it.Off to the hospital in the morning for some blood tests, Linda x

Friday, 16 April 2010

Charity shops in Godalming

Hi there everyone, been visiting the charity shops in Godalming today but disappointed again, only bought 2 small jewellery items. Mum and I went to Secretts for lunch, enjoyed an egg mayo bagette each. After that we hit Sains for food shopping, oh what a busy and exciting life we live. Checked the Surrey ad and guess what.......there is a magic jumble sale on at 10.30, hurra, roll on. Need to do a cook up or 2 over the weekend and freeze and must do a bit of painting.Talking about freezing , I defrosted the freezer today and I think I must have done it in record time. I do cheat a bit though as I use the hairdryer, very carefully I hasten to add. Hubby and mum have both got coughs and colds so I'm trying to keep my distance. I hope no one was supposed to fly out in the last day or two due to the massive cloud of ash. Take care all, have a nice weekend, Linda x

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Saffron is a birthday girl

Hi all,as the title says she is 7 today. The picture is of her when she had been with us for a few days aged roughly 8 weeks. I've just done a bit of pavement pounding with her and as a treat she got a few extra bits throughout the day. I caught up with my ex pupil today and we had lunch at her place and gave each other the latest gossip. Bless, she's been out and about like it's going out of fashion, there's no stopping her now. Been cold again today and when you were outside there was quite a cold wind, never mind summer should be here soon, we can live in hope.Just going for a cuppa now so this is a short one you lucky people. Linda

Monday, 12 April 2010

Been busy today

Hi all, as I said last night I was busy today. I made about 4 thong necklaces with various pendants on and 2 seed bead spectacle holders. The glass holders are a bit of a fiddle and the number of times I dropped seed beads on the floor are too many to remember. I gave up trying to find them in the end and just hovered them up. I've been cold all day, well there's a surprise. I've got 3 hrs work tomorrow then I'm off to see my pupil who passed on Friday for a cuppa. I've got a card for her and will buy her a nice bunch of flowers. I'm so tired so I'm going to sign off and have a lovely hot bath and go to bed early and read. Bye for now, Linda x

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Car boot sale

Evening all. Mum and I did go to the car boot today and it was huge, bigger than it ever was before, in total we were out for 3 hours. We both got a few bits so we were happy. I took my ironing up to the summerhouse today and got on with it listening to music and having a dance around in the process, really had a great time. I never got round to making any necklaces this weekend but I should have the house to myself tomorrow so will be busy making a mess making necklaces then. It was quite chilly today and at the moment I'm freezing so I must finish here and put my blanket on. Just watched Foyles War. I do like that programme but it also made me feel sad about the people coming back after the war and what they came back to and as the chap in the programme said " what was it all for ". I don't really know much about the war as we weren't taught it at school, perhaps children should know what went on and then they may respect the older generation that fought for their freedom, won't go on about that here as I could be here for a long time if I start. Signing off now, night, night all, Linda x

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Saturday evening.

Evening all, first bit of news, my favourite pupil passed her test yesterday, I really don't know who is the more pleased. Have been in for about 1/2 hr as mum treated the 3 of us to dinner at the Refectory, Milford and very nice it was too. What another fab day, weather wise wasn't it. Have now got my facebook page up and running but what a struggle it's been. It must have taken me about 8 hrs in total and lots of pleading for help as I couldn't get the facebook page to come up on my blog. I got so upset last night after going around in circles for about 2 hrs that I had to shut down the pc and go to bed and read.I was planning on making necklaces today but have been too busy. No tea in bed this morning as I was awake at 5am and was still awake at 6.17 so decided to get up. Saffy and I were over the common at 9.30 and most of the time I'm still in bed at this time. I think mum and I were in Tescos about 10.30, so early for us. I was going to make prawn cocktails for Mike and mum tonight but as we went out for dinner they will have them tomorrow. For lunch they can have the paninis I didn't cook today either. Hope all is well for all you fellow bloggers and anyone who has been at craft fairs, I hope it was worth your while. Signing off now, Linda x

Thursday, 8 April 2010

What a lovely day today

Hi all and what a gorgeous day it was today.Mum and I went to Dorking to hit the charity shops but for the first ever, since going there we didn't buy a thing. What seems to be happening now is they are buying in new stuff and selling it and it's not cheap either.We were very disappointed. My new bits and pieces arrived today so will be playing on the weekend with my new crimpers and crimp beads. Aren't the crimp beads tiny little things. I've got a test for tomorrow with my favourite pupil and I would love to see her pass, fingers crossed. If she does pass I hope we can stay in touch though.I took Saffy over the common today but you really need wellies but at least it's a bit better now. I've been trying to do a facebook page but what a difficult thing it's been for me. I promised myself an early night last night as I didn't get much sleep the night before but it was after midnight when I hit the pillow. I managed to do a facebook personal page but then wanted another one for Folksy and when I finished doing bits of it I couldn't find it. I got a lot of help then had to ask for more today, hopefully now I'm done. Will be working on it over the weekend. If anyone would like to take a look or fan me, feel free. If you hear screaming and shouting in the Surrey area be warned, it's me.Signing off now, Linda x

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Evening all

Hi there all you lovely bloggers in blogland. What a miserable day today, cold and damp. Received a few more bits in the post yesterday and today but the main lot should arrive tomorrow then I'll be busy making some more things. I bought a pair of magic crimpers so I can't wait to have a go. I set up a Facebook page yesterday and I'm afraid I put out a plee for peeps as I was sitting there like " Billy no mates " and now I have 9 friends. All I have to do now is work out how to be friends back, I don't know all these cyber space thingies. This morning at 2.41am I woke up after being asleep for about 2 hrs as I thought I heard the heating on and I felt the radiator and sure enough it was. Dragged myself out of bed and went downstairs to turn it off. Back to bed for another 2 hrs sleep then awake again in yet another 1hr, I feel knackered at the moment and looking forward to getting into a nice warm bed later and reading my book. Won't be in bed late tonight and will leave hubby a message to turn the heating off. Will try and add a couple of new pictures in the next day or 2. Signing off now to go and make a cuppa. Linda x

Monday, 5 April 2010

Did cooking, gardening and dog walking

Hi all in blogland hope you had a peaceful and pleasant holiday. I managed to get my cook up done and frozen yesterday so now the freezer is pretty full but needs defrosting, it'll have to wait until it's emptied a bit. Saffy has been having nice long pavement pounding walks as the common and fields are filthy and very bog like. I managed to get out into the garden today and did a bit of chipping and a chopping as I call it then more walkies for Saffy. I did a nice roast dinner for hubby and mum yesterday and they both had something I cooked yesterday for their dinners today.Over the last couple of days I've managed to make about 4 pairs of earrings, 2 or 3 bracelets a couple of bookmarks and now I'm waiting for my necklace bits and pieces to arrive so I can get going on those. I've bought a pair of magical crimpers so can't wait to play with those. Mum and I got up and ready to go to the car boot yesterday on the A3 only to find it had been cancelled as the field was too wet and soggy. We ummed and aard about going somewhere else but decided to go home and I got on with my cooking.Going now, take care, Linda x

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Seems like an age

Hi all, it seems like an age since I blogged last. I've been busy looking for a few fairs to do in the next couple of months and so far I'm planning to do 2.Yesterday was a foul day weather wise so the 3 of us went to Cranleigh for lunch to a garden centre then we trotted off to hobbycraft for a look round, I must say I found it a bit expensive for what I was looking for.Caught up on a bit of tv in the evening and that was it for Good Friday.Just remembered mum and I went to Brookwood to see if the bead shop was open and it wasn't, shame, but there was one charity shop open that we visited. Today hubby and I were going on a test drive but it wasn't for the new Micra as it isn't being launched until October time,will go back then. After that we decided to go to Sains for a coffee. While we were in there decided to get some paninis so I could cook them for lunch. Watched some of the Grand Prix qualifying but want to go to a car boot if it's not raining tomorrow as there were no jumble sales this weekend.Going to be busy doing cook ups tomorrow then freezing what I've cooked. This is great for during the week if I work late ,having something already cooked just needing warming up.We didn't buy each other eggs this year we just bought a few of our favourite chocs instead.Don't know if any gardening will get done as I think the weather forecast isn't great, have to wait and see.Well everyone enjoy your Easter and try not to eat so many Easter eggs that you make yourselves ill. To all of you that have been to craft fairs this weekend I hope you did well.Linda x