Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Time now 19.38

Evening all. Saffy and I had 2 over the field walks today in the beautiful sunshine, hasn't it been glorious. Last week I put a tumbler compost bin on freecycle, I think it was and today I got a call to see if it was still available. The chap and his wife came and collected it and I showed them a water butt I had as well in the garden and they took that too, so that was a worthwhile trip for them. I didn't want anything for them so it was good they went somewhere rather than the dump. Been busy making a couple of things today and did some ironing earlier and will get back to it after my cuppa tea.For the last couple of days had a bit of a sore throat and today had the sniffs, hope the throat feels a bit better tomorrow for the singing in the evening. After Most Haunted last night went to bed and fell asleep PDQ, if anyone is suffering from sleep problems give it a go it might help :). Think I'm stuck for anything else to say, that's a first, so I'd better sign off and get on with the ironing.Take care one and all, Linda x

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