Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Something different

Hi all, thought I'd do something different today and talk about my 1st craft fair. It was about 2 yrs ago and it was in Tetbury,Glos. table cost £40 so hubby and I thought we'd make a weekend of it. We went up just outside Tetbury on the friday and found out where we were due to be the next morning then had a nice meal and enjoyed our evening away. Next morning we were away bright and early and didn't have breakfast as it was too early, got to the fair and unloaded, all very good, we waited and waited and waited. Need I say more.Few people trickled in and out during the day. This was when I was making cards and I sold 1 card for £3.00 and that was it. Table £40, fuel,hotel, meal and room must have been close to £80 - £100. Very out of pocket on that one. Met some new people though and got an idea how fairs would be and they could only get better. I don't make cards anymore and wouldn't pay £40 for a table now either. On the day only a couple of people made the table money back and I think some people didn't sell anything. There was a charity shop nearby and a lot of us were popping in and out of there as it was so quiet. I was disappointed to say the least but I do still do fairs and have one in a couple of weeks. My mum still makes cards but we have loads that are in the loft that we use for family and still take a few to fairs.Just before Christmas hubby and mum took it in turns to come with me to 3 fairs and we did them in November and all were a success, so if you are in a similar position as I was, don't give up as it can work out and it is fun. Update on not feeling well in case anyone in blogland reads this. I did 2 lessons yeserday but had to cancel the rest as I got such a blinding headache and took to my bed. Today I managed 1 lesson but had to cancel the others as my voice gave up. I'm hoping I'm better in the next day or 2 as it's my birthday and am off to crufts on Sunday. Saffy will be nana sitting and visa versa. Off to make a cuppa now. Bye all, Linda x


  1. Hope you are feeling better, Linda, and that you have a great day at Crufts.

    Really interesting reading about your first experience with fairs. I know what you mean about the fairs - if at first you don't succeed, grit your teeth and have a another bash! We are a hardy lot, we craft people.


  2. LOL, I know that feeling. I used to do jewellery, small craft fairs listening to small people complaining about meagre pricing. Had a short spell on cards too, my Mum still does them, though she is not quick enough to do sales, just makes them to send or does mine for me now.
    Sorry to hear you are still unwell, get lots of rest to be better by Sunday, lots of my friends have done crufts already, all still recovering. One of our team got 3rd in child handler yesterday, and our friends at Battersea won their competition yesterday.

    Take Care
    Lynda x