Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Not well today

Hi all, as the title says not well today. I didn't go to choir practice last night as I felt unwell and I was in bed by about 20.15. I cancelled my lessons today and have been dosing up with cold tablets, cough medicine and throat tablets and kept nice and warm all day so tomorrow I'll be better for work.I've archived my old blogs so hopefully when I go to find them they are still there, if not I'll probably cry. I've added a couple of cards my mum made me for my birthday Sunday, and a mothers day card. Yes we send cards to each other from our pets as I'm sure lots of you other dog and cat people do too. In the mothers day card Saffron has run up her debt even further and borrowed £5 from her nan. The amount of money that girl owes is unbelievable and she doesn't stand a chance of ever paying a penny back to any of us. The 3 cards all consist of Irish Setters and they came from last years Irish Setter calendar, clever idea that. I hope you can get an idea what they are like from the picture,I love them anyway. Not done anything else at all today. Mum took Saffy out for a walk this morning and I did venture into the garden once with Saffron.Signing off now got to get warm again and I'm off to make a cuppa tea,Linda x

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  1. Oh Linda, hope you havent got the virus I copped for a few weeks back, its awful - you really do need to stay indoors and keep warm if so, going out makes you worse.
    I love the cards, My Mum makes me save all my calendar pictures too for her cards, as I have Greyhound, Labrador, Lurcher ones each year she gets a good collection.

    Take Care, Get Well soon.
    Lynda x