Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I'm freezing and it's summer time

Hello to one and all. As I write this I'm freezing and as the title says " it's summertime " well, in clock speak anyway. Today whilst out with pupils we had 2 lots of hailstones. I've got 3 layers on my top half and I'm still cold, might go and put my blanket on and get into a lovely warm bed.I had a girl pupil on test today and it was her first attempt but she failed. As she approached a roundabout she didn't really see the oncoming car signalling and she almost drove into the side of a nice Merc, the examiner had to dual brake her, shame but there's always the next time. Have been looking at ways to improve my jewellery displays for fairs and have been given a few ideas to try. Only one more day to work then I've got 5 days off. Going to take the new Micra for a test drive on Saturday so I hope there will be a jumble sale in the afternoon or late morning, don't think I can cope without a jumble sale to kick start the weekend. Been reading more horror stories about money disappearing from peoples bank accounts so checked mine earlier and touch wood so far all ok. After I had given hubby and mum their dinners I took Saffy out pavement pounding as she hasn't been out for a couple of days because of the bad weather. I've booked another fair for May so will have to get making a few more things. Bye for now, keep safe and keep warm, Linda x

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  1. Sun's shining here today but the wind is bitterly cold! Off to check my bank a/c, hadn't heard about the scare - bit of a worry.

    Love the photo of your dog in the snow - obviously enjoying it.