Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Hi all, from birthday girl.

hi there one and all. Had a busy day today, not one but 2 jumble sales today. The first one at 10.30, bought a few bits then off to Sains for a cuppa. Home in time to get Saffy over the field for a nice run then the 2nd jumble sale at 2.30, big Q to go into this one plus we were a bit late. Bought this little item and wondered what I could do with it, then hey presto something to hang earrings on for pictures, cost me about 20p I think. Home again and another run over the field for Saffy then got going on a roast chicken dinner for hubby and mum. Woke up about 6.30 am this morning coughing like a goodun so had to get up for some cough medicine. I only bought some cheap stuff the other day but I don't think it was very good so mum bought me some Benylin today,special birthday treat she said, :) :) :) lucky me, mind you it did taste ok. Hubby gave me £10 for all my jumble sales so I've still got loads left. Up early in the morning as we want to get away about 8ish, but will make salads and sandwiches to take with, don't mind buying a cuppa though. Normally on my birthday I don't do a lot but I've been busy today simply as I won't be cooking or doing much tomorrow. The throat is better now but still got my cough but now I can talk all day, lucky mum and hubby. At the jumble sale I also got some boot trees which I'm hoping to sell on, fingers crossed. Bye for now, will let you know how crufts goes in a couple of days. Love Linda x

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  1. Very envious of your jumble visits, never find the time to go, not been for ages.

    Just wanted to wish you a great day tomorrow x