Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Friday, 26 March 2010

Cost of a car service

Hi all, car servicing isn't cheap is it. It cost hubby £234.16 for a 2 year service for my car. After the car went in mum and I went to Woking for a look round but not too much there really if you're not clothes shopping. I've been catching up with a few blogs today and the fairs seem to be going quite well for people. Mum and I will be doing one on Sunday but it's not handmade only so we'll be selling some of our craft items that we no longer use, as well as some bookmarks and bracelets, fingers crossed. Bought a couple of bits in the charity shops so I'll be pulling them to pieces shortly. Watched Most Haunted Live last night and as usual it almost sent me to sleep. They are coming live from Prague for 4 nights. The city really looks lovely and would like to visit some time in the future.From the stories they were telling last night it has a grim past. I must admit it is a great show for winding down to and getting the zzzzzzzzzzzz going.Signing off now, take care all, Linda x

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  1. Hope your fair does well today Linda x

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