Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Monday, 29 March 2010

Busy weekend

Hiya everyone, been a bit busy so here's an update. Up early Saturday for a jumble sale and it was a top notch one too, bought lots of stuff. In the evening getting bits and pieces ready for our craft fair on Sunday at Frimley.The venue was lovely in the Frimley Hotel at Camberley.Free tea and coffee all day and about lunch time there were free scones laid out for everyone. There was a steady footfall all day, a bit quiet at lunchtime then steady again. They charged £2.50 for entrance but still people came in so it wasn't too bad. We took £64 which was ok as it only took us about 25 mins to get there and it was nice and warm. It wasn't just handmade so we were selling small gifts and some craft items we don't want anymore.Today I did my first mystery shop visit. I've been hanging out for a really easy one to start with then on Friday I got a call saying this was urgent and could I do it, There were 9 pages of things to do, talk about jump in the deep end, so today I did my thing.It was ok but I was worried about remembering names and other things but I think I did ok, have to see. After my visit mum and I went for a cuppa while I got busy writing everything down so not to forget. We hit the charity shops in Godalming then went for lunch. I'm so full now shouldn't really eat for a week, but that will last until the morning.We've been watching Most Haunted from Prague and I've been soooo scared, NOT. Still got last nights one to watch as I went to bed early after the craft fair.Back to work tomorrow but this week is a short one as it's Easter weekend. Off to choir soon and tonight is the last one. I'm busy trying to learn a few words, but I've got as much chance of that that flying to the moon in the next 10 mins. Signing off now, Linda x

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