Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Busy day today

Hi all, time now 20.56 and another busy day today. The reason I'm putting the time is, I'm not quite sure what time or what country this works on. Mum and I went off to the jumble sale at 10.20 this morning but it didn't start until 11am but we needed to go the post office 1st. Bought a few bits to put by then after that we went to the charity shop in Old Woking and I bought a pretty necklace with a dolphin & I'm actually going to keep that one, then we stopped off at a garden centre and had tea and coffee. When we got back Saffy and I went over the field for a nice run, Saffy doing the running not me, then mum suggested we go out for a meal later on in the evening. Hubby been working today so when he got in about 5.55 he had a super quick shower and we were out of the house by 18.11 and on our way to the Beefeater at Woking. Been in about 20 mins. Going to get really frightened, not, in a minute when Most Haunted Live comes on and we'll have a cuppa then. I'll put a couple of recent makes on here as I don't want to bore people and say, done blog look what I made as it's a bit of a turn off, maybe once a week or once a fortnight isn't too bad. Well off now for that cuppa and to hide behind my hands as I'm that scared. Bye all, Linda x

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