Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I'm freezing and it's summer time

Hello to one and all. As I write this I'm freezing and as the title says " it's summertime " well, in clock speak anyway. Today whilst out with pupils we had 2 lots of hailstones. I've got 3 layers on my top half and I'm still cold, might go and put my blanket on and get into a lovely warm bed.I had a girl pupil on test today and it was her first attempt but she failed. As she approached a roundabout she didn't really see the oncoming car signalling and she almost drove into the side of a nice Merc, the examiner had to dual brake her, shame but there's always the next time. Have been looking at ways to improve my jewellery displays for fairs and have been given a few ideas to try. Only one more day to work then I've got 5 days off. Going to take the new Micra for a test drive on Saturday so I hope there will be a jumble sale in the afternoon or late morning, don't think I can cope without a jumble sale to kick start the weekend. Been reading more horror stories about money disappearing from peoples bank accounts so checked mine earlier and touch wood so far all ok. After I had given hubby and mum their dinners I took Saffy out pavement pounding as she hasn't been out for a couple of days because of the bad weather. I've booked another fair for May so will have to get making a few more things. Bye for now, keep safe and keep warm, Linda x

Monday, 29 March 2010

Busy weekend

Hiya everyone, been a bit busy so here's an update. Up early Saturday for a jumble sale and it was a top notch one too, bought lots of stuff. In the evening getting bits and pieces ready for our craft fair on Sunday at Frimley.The venue was lovely in the Frimley Hotel at Camberley.Free tea and coffee all day and about lunch time there were free scones laid out for everyone. There was a steady footfall all day, a bit quiet at lunchtime then steady again. They charged £2.50 for entrance but still people came in so it wasn't too bad. We took £64 which was ok as it only took us about 25 mins to get there and it was nice and warm. It wasn't just handmade so we were selling small gifts and some craft items we don't want anymore.Today I did my first mystery shop visit. I've been hanging out for a really easy one to start with then on Friday I got a call saying this was urgent and could I do it, There were 9 pages of things to do, talk about jump in the deep end, so today I did my thing.It was ok but I was worried about remembering names and other things but I think I did ok, have to see. After my visit mum and I went for a cuppa while I got busy writing everything down so not to forget. We hit the charity shops in Godalming then went for lunch. I'm so full now shouldn't really eat for a week, but that will last until the morning.We've been watching Most Haunted from Prague and I've been soooo scared, NOT. Still got last nights one to watch as I went to bed early after the craft fair.Back to work tomorrow but this week is a short one as it's Easter weekend. Off to choir soon and tonight is the last one. I'm busy trying to learn a few words, but I've got as much chance of that that flying to the moon in the next 10 mins. Signing off now, Linda x

Friday, 26 March 2010

Cost of a car service

Hi all, car servicing isn't cheap is it. It cost hubby £234.16 for a 2 year service for my car. After the car went in mum and I went to Woking for a look round but not too much there really if you're not clothes shopping. I've been catching up with a few blogs today and the fairs seem to be going quite well for people. Mum and I will be doing one on Sunday but it's not handmade only so we'll be selling some of our craft items that we no longer use, as well as some bookmarks and bracelets, fingers crossed. Bought a couple of bits in the charity shops so I'll be pulling them to pieces shortly. Watched Most Haunted Live last night and as usual it almost sent me to sleep. They are coming live from Prague for 4 nights. The city really looks lovely and would like to visit some time in the future.From the stories they were telling last night it has a grim past. I must admit it is a great show for winding down to and getting the zzzzzzzzzzzz going.Signing off now, take care all, Linda x

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Raining again

Hi all, just had my linner, it's a combo of lunch and dinner as I only usually eat 2 meals a day. I'm between lessons at the moment and have another couple before finishing at 6pm this evening. What a surprise, it's raining here again just for a change. The daffs have come out in a couple of pots in the garden, very pretty and it adds a nice splash of colour. Starting to get things ready for a fair on Sunday, fingers crossed people turn up, I'll let you know how it goes either Sunday or Monday. Car booked in for a service tomorrow so mum and I will have a look round Woking for a couple of hours. Haven't been there for a while so don't know how many charity shops are available for us to have a nose around.Off for a cuppa now, love to all in blogland, Linda x

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Evening all, I'm cold at the moment so have put my electric blanket on and will get snuggled up in a minute. I've recovered from the weekend now but it's been raining for most of the day so a bit fed up. On Saturday I won £10 on the lotto and £5 on thunderball, I can't decide what to spend all that money on, ha ha. Mind you if I won a miilion I wouldn't tell anyone that's for sure. Choir practice was good last night, really enjoyed it and we started on a new song only problem.......lots of dance moves. Got a craft fair coming up on Sunday, so everything crossed for that. I've started taking Aloe Vera as a drink every day as I read good things about it and Saffy is having a dessert spoon as well, mind you it tastes a bit foul. Not much else to say really as I've been working today. I'll sign off for now, hope all is well in blogland. Off to bed now, night, night everyone, Linda x

Monday, 22 March 2010

Poole and Bournemouth

Hi all, after our trip to Monkey World and the Tank Museum, the following day, Friday, we went to Swanage to find a bench on the pier that had a plaque with my fathers' name on. He was a lifelong diver and they put the name plate on after he died, as a rememberance. The weather was dreadful, really misty and raining, we found the bench then had a look around Swanage but there isn't too much there. We then decided to go Poole and we spent the rest of the day in and out of charity shops, well I did anyway, hubby tagged along and we were ducking and diving out of the rain. After breakfast on Saturday we thought we'd go to Bournemouth and have a walk along the beach. It was tipping it down and it must have been a force 8 gale, alright slight exaggeration on my part, force 7 then. I've put a couple of pictures here of us with all our gear on fighting the wind and rain. It was a 45 min walk from the car park to the town centre then we hit the shops, then another 45 min walk back to the car park. In the car park there was a restaurant so we had a quick bite to eat then we left for home. It took about 2 hrs in all. It was a nice break but back to work on Tuesday.Back to normal Sunday with cooking, cleaning and dog walking. Bye for now off to wash my hair and get ready for choir later. Linda x

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Monkey World

Hi all, one quick answer for someone, I was looking around at Crufts, not showing. We are back now from our couple of days away and our visit to Monkey World. We have been watching the programme for a while now and part of my Christmas present from my mum was a trip to Monkey World and 2 nights in a premier inn all meals included. We had originally booked for January but that's when the snow came and we got snowed in. After getting up on Thursday and as the weather was nice we decided to go straight to M W so roughly 2hrs later we arrived. Had a quick cuppa and bite to eat then for a good look around. The food was very nice, the place was lovely and clean and the park itself was much bigger than we thought it would be. It might be very different in school holiday times though when it will be busier.We saw all the favourites from the programme and I'll add a couple of pictures including the cages the 90 capachin monkeys were in, some for 20yrs before they were rescued and brought to the park. They now have a really wonderful enclosure. I don't visit zoos although they have changed since I was young as I'm not a lover of caged animals but this is different and it was lovely to see them in such a lovely place. I'll be writing to M W telling them how much we enjoyed our visit. When we left there we went to the tank museum and when we came out of there it was raining and continued for the rest of the time we were away, not that anything stops us doing what we want to. I'll tell you about the next couple of days tomorrow. Hope all is well in blogland, Linda x

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Hard 2 days

Hi all, it's been a hard couple of days work wise as I had to get as many of my pupils lessons done in a short time. I just managed to get through to the end of today without losing my voice. Hubby and I are off to Poole tomorrow for a couple of days and we are going to Monkey world in Dorset, can't wait to see them. We watch the programme when it's on and they are all rescue monkeys, some of the stories are very sad. Hubby wants to go to the Bovington Tank museum, again, been there about 3 or 4 times already. Went to choir practice on Monday but left about 1/2 through as I was miming as I had to make sure I had my voice for lessons on Tuesday. Signing off now but must mention, mum and I will be going cold turkey on Saturday as we won't be going to any jumble sales, I'm in shock already. Bye for now, take care all, Linda x

Monday, 15 March 2010

Ok, I cried

Hi all, back from my trip to Crufts and while watching the Irish Setters, I DID stand and cry, I admit it. It was lovely to see them all and then we saw the other 3 breeds of setters. It didn't seem quite as busy this year as you didn't have to fight to reach the stands with elbows at the ready. All I bought was an Irish Setter mug which probably won't get used but get put away in my cabinet in the kitchen. Had a nice time away and today after breakfast hubby and I went to Stratford Upon Avon and the weather was lovely and the sun shone while we walked along the river. Went in a couple of charity shops but they were very expensive, just as well I didn't see anything I wanted to buy. In one shop they had a Versace jacket priced at £450.00, I have no idea how much these things cost but it was a lovely jacket and I must look it up online when I've finished here. I'm off now as Saffron is demanding her dinner. Bye for now, Linda x

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Hi all, from birthday girl.

hi there one and all. Had a busy day today, not one but 2 jumble sales today. The first one at 10.30, bought a few bits then off to Sains for a cuppa. Home in time to get Saffy over the field for a nice run then the 2nd jumble sale at 2.30, big Q to go into this one plus we were a bit late. Bought this little item and wondered what I could do with it, then hey presto something to hang earrings on for pictures, cost me about 20p I think. Home again and another run over the field for Saffy then got going on a roast chicken dinner for hubby and mum. Woke up about 6.30 am this morning coughing like a goodun so had to get up for some cough medicine. I only bought some cheap stuff the other day but I don't think it was very good so mum bought me some Benylin today,special birthday treat she said, :) :) :) lucky me, mind you it did taste ok. Hubby gave me £10 for all my jumble sales so I've still got loads left. Up early in the morning as we want to get away about 8ish, but will make salads and sandwiches to take with, don't mind buying a cuppa though. Normally on my birthday I don't do a lot but I've been busy today simply as I won't be cooking or doing much tomorrow. The throat is better now but still got my cough but now I can talk all day, lucky mum and hubby. At the jumble sale I also got some boot trees which I'm hoping to sell on, fingers crossed. Bye for now, will let you know how crufts goes in a couple of days. Love Linda x

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Something different

Hi all, thought I'd do something different today and talk about my 1st craft fair. It was about 2 yrs ago and it was in Tetbury,Glos. table cost £40 so hubby and I thought we'd make a weekend of it. We went up just outside Tetbury on the friday and found out where we were due to be the next morning then had a nice meal and enjoyed our evening away. Next morning we were away bright and early and didn't have breakfast as it was too early, got to the fair and unloaded, all very good, we waited and waited and waited. Need I say more.Few people trickled in and out during the day. This was when I was making cards and I sold 1 card for £3.00 and that was it. Table £40, fuel,hotel, meal and room must have been close to £80 - £100. Very out of pocket on that one. Met some new people though and got an idea how fairs would be and they could only get better. I don't make cards anymore and wouldn't pay £40 for a table now either. On the day only a couple of people made the table money back and I think some people didn't sell anything. There was a charity shop nearby and a lot of us were popping in and out of there as it was so quiet. I was disappointed to say the least but I do still do fairs and have one in a couple of weeks. My mum still makes cards but we have loads that are in the loft that we use for family and still take a few to fairs.Just before Christmas hubby and mum took it in turns to come with me to 3 fairs and we did them in November and all were a success, so if you are in a similar position as I was, don't give up as it can work out and it is fun. Update on not feeling well in case anyone in blogland reads this. I did 2 lessons yeserday but had to cancel the rest as I got such a blinding headache and took to my bed. Today I managed 1 lesson but had to cancel the others as my voice gave up. I'm hoping I'm better in the next day or 2 as it's my birthday and am off to crufts on Sunday. Saffy will be nana sitting and visa versa. Off to make a cuppa now. Bye all, Linda x

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Not well today

Hi all, as the title says not well today. I didn't go to choir practice last night as I felt unwell and I was in bed by about 20.15. I cancelled my lessons today and have been dosing up with cold tablets, cough medicine and throat tablets and kept nice and warm all day so tomorrow I'll be better for work.I've archived my old blogs so hopefully when I go to find them they are still there, if not I'll probably cry. I've added a couple of cards my mum made me for my birthday Sunday, and a mothers day card. Yes we send cards to each other from our pets as I'm sure lots of you other dog and cat people do too. In the mothers day card Saffron has run up her debt even further and borrowed £5 from her nan. The amount of money that girl owes is unbelievable and she doesn't stand a chance of ever paying a penny back to any of us. The 3 cards all consist of Irish Setters and they came from last years Irish Setter calendar, clever idea that. I hope you can get an idea what they are like from the picture,I love them anyway. Not done anything else at all today. Mum took Saffy out for a walk this morning and I did venture into the garden once with Saffron.Signing off now got to get warm again and I'm off to make a cuppa tea,Linda x

Monday, 8 March 2010

An early one from me today

Hi all. After a walk in the bitter cold over the field with Saffy mum and I went to Dorking to hit the charity shops. Our normal 1st stop was closed due to a refurb then as it was cold we thought we'd have a cuppa. We did all the charity shops and I bought the lady stand thing for £4.50 which I didn't think was bad, not as cheap as £1 but such is life,see picture and it will come in handy for fairs, I've got 2 now. We had lunch out then headed for home. I've still got the sniffs and dodgy throat and didn't have a very good nights sleep either. Choir tonight then I think an early night is called for. Signing off now, Linda x

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Time now 19.38

Evening all. Saffy and I had 2 over the field walks today in the beautiful sunshine, hasn't it been glorious. Last week I put a tumbler compost bin on freecycle, I think it was and today I got a call to see if it was still available. The chap and his wife came and collected it and I showed them a water butt I had as well in the garden and they took that too, so that was a worthwhile trip for them. I didn't want anything for them so it was good they went somewhere rather than the dump. Been busy making a couple of things today and did some ironing earlier and will get back to it after my cuppa tea.For the last couple of days had a bit of a sore throat and today had the sniffs, hope the throat feels a bit better tomorrow for the singing in the evening. After Most Haunted last night went to bed and fell asleep PDQ, if anyone is suffering from sleep problems give it a go it might help :). Think I'm stuck for anything else to say, that's a first, so I'd better sign off and get on with the ironing.Take care one and all, Linda x

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Busy day today

Hi all, time now 20.56 and another busy day today. The reason I'm putting the time is, I'm not quite sure what time or what country this works on. Mum and I went off to the jumble sale at 10.20 this morning but it didn't start until 11am but we needed to go the post office 1st. Bought a few bits to put by then after that we went to the charity shop in Old Woking and I bought a pretty necklace with a dolphin & I'm actually going to keep that one, then we stopped off at a garden centre and had tea and coffee. When we got back Saffy and I went over the field for a nice run, Saffy doing the running not me, then mum suggested we go out for a meal later on in the evening. Hubby been working today so when he got in about 5.55 he had a super quick shower and we were out of the house by 18.11 and on our way to the Beefeater at Woking. Been in about 20 mins. Going to get really frightened, not, in a minute when Most Haunted Live comes on and we'll have a cuppa then. I'll put a couple of recent makes on here as I don't want to bore people and say, done blog look what I made as it's a bit of a turn off, maybe once a week or once a fortnight isn't too bad. Well off now for that cuppa and to hide behind my hands as I'm that scared. Bye all, Linda x

Friday, 5 March 2010

I'm awake now

Hi all, slept for ages last night which is unusual for me as I'm usually awake after a couple of hours and so it goes on all through the night. After breakfast I took Saffy over the field for a nice long run, no pavement pounding today, but she did need her feet hosing down afterwards. Mum and I went to a charity shop and I bought a lovely bracelet for 50p so I'm just looking at the beads to see what I can put with them and remake. Had coffee in starbucks then off for a spot of food shopping. Nothing really exciting today. I've booked up for a fair at the end of the month in Camberley so that's not too far off, have to start getting things together. I think that's it for the minute but I've found a jumble sale for the morning. Night night one and all, Linda x

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Feeling tired

Hi all and as the title says feeling a bit tired. I didn't have any morning lessons so when I was ready this morning Saffy and I did the pavement pounding thing. One of the people on the craft forum was going to be at Guildford College today so I got organized and trotted off there about 12.20 only to be told she'd gone to lunch. Have since been on the forum and she hadn't gone to lunch but had gone to do something else. Either way we missed each other. Had my 2 lessons and that's probably what's worn me out. Nothing else to say really so this will be short for a change. Bye for now, Linda x

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Another old member of my family.

Evening all. You can see another picture I've added and this was Sherrie and she was my first Irish Setter and I actually got her in Northern Ireland in 1977. Sherrie lived to a lovely age of 15 years and 8 months. From the picture you can see how white their faces go. They usually go white around the eyes first then the rest of the face goes white. I managed to blow up my combi microwave oven last night after not keeping the dust away from the magnetron around the back. I did hoover the top of the oven and thought that was correct but it was the wrong thing I was cleaning. I did the same thing with my last one as well. I'm lost without that as I tend to eat jacket potatoes every day and cook it in the m/wave combi bit and cook a lot of veggies in the oven too. I came home after 2 lessons today and poured some milk in a jug added the sugar and went to reach for the m/wave just in time to remember, it lived no more. I did damn and blast a bit and then had to use the hob to warm the milk, what a time waster that is. Anyway arrived home about 19.30 ish to find another m/wave on the stand on the wall, hurra and double hurra. Jacket potatoes and coffee here I come again tomorrow and this time I know what to clean and I'll do it on a weekly basis. When I checked my blog earlier I was so pleased to find I've been awarded another Sunshine award. Jill from crafteecardz has awarded this one. I didn't know what to do before but I asked for help and received it so with this award I'm going to do what I have to and I want that flower on my blog, very pretty and colourful, mind you it might take me a couple of days to sort myself out. Thanks for the comments, keep them coming and I'm glad all you kitty people feel the same way about your cats as us doggy people. Think that's about enough for another day, I'm just going to sneek a peek at some of your blogs. By the way Saffron is still pretty clean as she has only been pavement pounding as the common is so water logged at the moment. Bye for now, take care, Linda x

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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

It's still daylight outstide and a lot about dogs.

Hi all and this is very early for me as it's still light outside. Had the couple of test drives mentioned the other day, so so, not sure about these 2 but now all the cars seem to merge into one. Have to pick a couple and go out in them again. Went to choir practice last night, very enjoyable and met the lady from week one and had a bit of a chat. What 2 glorious days we are having, lets make the most of it, this could be summer. Mum and I have just walked to a charity shop and I bought a necklace with seed beads so I'll break that up later and on the way back we stopped in a local church and had a cuppa. Got a couple of lessons later so back to the real world and try and earn some money. I've been looking at some of your blogs and all the ones with animals in win hands down everytime for me, especially the doggy kind. I've been around dogs since I was in a high chair when I was tiny as my grandad used to keep greyhounds. Life in my house isn't complete without a dog. They are hard work and before my mum came to live with us I never did more than 2 hrs work then I'd come home and check on the girls. I would love another dog or 2 but they are very expensive as it's not just the food it's all the insurance and things. Before Bracken was put to sleep last Feb her insurance was over £50 a month and she was on tablets over £30 a month. I think but most caring doggy people accept the cost as our pets our part of our family. A little story that you doggy people may understand. The first time I left my girls, I had the 3 in the picture at the time, I took them to the kennels and as we drove out of the gate I cried. I had to keep phoning the kennels to check they were ok and I think we were only going away for about 3 days. Our house is full of their pictures, you can't see anything much else on the pc for dogs as well. If I go anywhere and there is a dog I always have to go and say hello and hubby usually tells people I'm having my daily fix as I've left my dog at home. Oh dear I could go on for days on this subject but I think I'll sign off and go and have a bite to eat before work again. Hope I haven't bored too many people to death now. Take care, love Linda.x