Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Friday, 26 February 2010

Todays magic buys.

Hi there one and all. Firstly I would like to thank everyone who has left a comment on my blog. Finished watching the skating today from the Olympics and I must admit I enjoyed it. I don't think the bronze woman medalist should have won I think there were a couple better than her, but then what do I know. We had a break from the rain today and I think the sun even managed to surface for a short while. Forgot to mention that Saffron has had a sock on her foot for a few days as she has constantly been chewing it. Poor soul she is on tablets for her feet as they seem to be sensitive but don't know what to. When she has been going in the garden I've been putting a plastic bag over the sock to try and keep it dry and when she was running around you could hear her bag rustling. Mum and I went to a charity shop again today, just can't keep away and we bought a really pretty necklace with turtles on and I have recycled them into loads of other things, I'll try and remember to take some pictures tomorrow. The lady behind the counter must have heard mum and I talking about what we could do with the necklace and she said she had a bag full of broken jewellery someone had handed in and would we be interested for £1. Well we nearly snapped the ladies hand off there and then. When we got home there were loads of things in the bag. There was almost a whole roll of chain that will be great for bracelets and maybe even necklaces, bracelet findings,a bangle thing that I think you wire wrap, but I've got to see what to do with those, headbands and lots of beads that I've taken from the old necklaces they were on and probably over a 100 fishooks. Mum sat and did a lot of untangling as I don't have the patience. What a great find so when we go there again we can always ask if there is anymore stuff available. Checked the local paper and there is a jumble sale about 12 noon that we will probably go to. Had the electric meter changed today as it is cheaper and saves money after 9pm until 7am and cheaper over the weekend. the 20 12 tarriff I think it is. I've been clock watching so I could go and do a wash as soon after 9pm as possible, what a thing to be looking forward to, how sad am I. Well I think I've just about said everything for today so better go and check on the magic washing. Bye for now, love Linda x

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  1. Great find in the charity shop, my favorite place too. Have you looked into doggie boots for Saffron? they sell them on ebay and at Pets at Home, might be an idea while her feet recover. Friend of mine uses them for her lurcher with foot problems.