Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Such a busy day

Hello there again, what a busy day. I've posted a picture of the bracelet I made after signing off from here. It's really a big chunky one, the biggest yet, what does anyone think ???. Had a cuppa brought to me in bed this morning by my mum, lovely. After breakfast mum and I went off to our first jumble sale and we bought quite a lot. I got a couple of pairs of earings and when I've finished here I'll change the fishooks and voila 2 new pairs for myself. I got some beads so will decide what to do with them later. When we got in I took Saffron out over the field, see pictures, and decided to bath her like I said yesterday. When I'd washed and dried her mum and I were off to our 2nd jumble sale. The display stand in the picture with my bracelet hanging on it cost me £1 and it's perfect, what a bargain. After the jumble sale we popped off to Sainsburys and had a cuppa. Home next and had to get busy cooking the dinner. I'm worn out, but had a great day. It was funny as the lady who stood behind us at the first jumble sale was then in front of us at the 2nd one. Think that's all for today, so until tomorrow,adios.

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