Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Paps outside Cheryl Coles house

Hi there, today in between lessons the 3 of us went to Milford for lunch and on the way back to Guildford we went past Cheryl Coles house and there were at least 4 motorbikes and at least 8 vehicles parked up and lots of people trying to look over her fence. I heard she's on her way back from the USA I hope someone warns her what to expect. It's a bit of an eye opener seeing all those people around the gates. No test drives and no choir practice today but I've got to download the song sheets for next week and it will give me a chance to see what's occuring. If anyone tried to leave a comment on yesterdays blog there was some sort of hiccup but now it's sorted.It has been pouring with rain for most of the day here today and yes Saffron is still clean. Mind you rain is nothing compared to what some people have got further up North, the snow is really bad as far as I can gather. Well that's about it for now, nothing exciting at all, YET. Oh no sorry, wrong day, it's not lotto day today is it, so don't expect any late edits telling you that I've won squillions on the lotto. Off for a cuppa I think. Bye for now, love to all.

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