Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Just watched Most Haunted Live

Hi all and as the title says just watched it, mind you it sent my mum to sleep and I just about stayed awake. I used to love the programme but just watch it now " in case " anything ever happened, I wish. Mum and I went to the jumble sale mentioned yesterday and I bought a bag of beads and when I asked the lady how much she said I wouldn't have had them if she had seen them, lucky me. I paid £1 and I got quite a few nice chains, some larger beads, wooden beads, loads of seed beads, and an awful lot more besides, so really pleased with my bits and pieces. As you can see from the pictures there are the turtles I was talking about yesterday. On the backs of the turtles it looks like a bluey abalone shell. Spent a lot of time this afternoon taking the beads off the strings and necklaces from the jumble sale. Saffron got her walk pavement pounding inbetween the rain today but I believe we have more rain for tomorrow, yipee I just can't wait. The daffs and tulips are starting to poke their heads out in the garden and it will be nice to see some colour when they finally arrive. I've been asking about twitter and think I will bite the bullet and try and start up with it tomorrow, fingers crossed I understand what's going on. No doubt I'll be mentioning it on here if I manage to sort something out. Well I'm really tired now, most haunted has really done a good job on me. Just enough energy to stay awake while I clean my teeth, then bed. Signing off now, take care, love Linda x


  1. Nice jumble sale finds - I love having a good rummage for bargains!
    Oh, Most Haunted is getting on my nerves now - I got Mr dp to wear headphones watching it tonight as the screaming was setting my nerves on edge - hehe!
    I used to love the programme - think they need a new format now or to actually get some evidence!

  2. hi linda

    i've nominated you for a blog award

    have a good day, marice x