Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Evening all

Hi all, another bit of a late one as it's now 22.37. I hope everyone in blogland is fine and dandy. Not really done a great deal today except I had a new pupil and I survived to tell the tale for another day. Been raining virtually all day again today, it's getting really boring now and the garden is starting to flood. Mum and I went to homebase and I bought a toolbox for some of my bits and pieces, beads really, as I've broken the things up I got from the jumble sale and I went to a charity shop yesterday and bought a pretty necklace which lives no more. Arranged a couple of test drives for Monday, can't wait, but have to get an idea for when I'm ready to change cars again. Spent the last couple of hours huddled under a new lamp hubby bought me, no not getting a tan, I've been making things. Not managed to download any words for the songs for the choir yet but I'll be doing plenty of finger clicking and toe tapping over the weekend. I'm off to do something really exciting, now wait for it, put the wheelie bin and re-cycling out, I certainly know how to live life to the full. Signing off now until I choose to accept my next mission. Night Night all, see you next time xxx

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  1. My Linda you do seem to lead a busy and eventfull life.I like your blog, makes interesting reading. I also went to the charity shops today and bought a lovely picture for the alcove in my hallway above my computer desk, white flowers on a black background, very reasonable to. Shall be watching out for the next instalment on your blog- Gill, Herts.