Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Received a Sunshine award today.

Evening all. I received a Sunshine award for my blog today but I think it may take me a while to get it organized I don't know if these things have a time limit or not, will have to look into it. Yet more rain today but Saffron did get her pavement pounding done from about 17.30 for an hour. We came home in the dark and she had her flashing thing on her collar going, ahh how cute, hubby said it looked like she was on a response call as it flashes blue and red. Managed to get my songs printed off all ready for tomorrow so now I'm ready,willing and able. Have managed to find a home for all the new beads and things I acquired over the weekend. Got a couple of test drives booked for the morning, a new shaped Polo and a Ford Fiesta. I've been a driving instructor for 20 yrs now and started my driving school business with a Fiesta so it will be interesting to see how they have come on. Both of the cars mentioned have had very good reviews from car mags. On friday while shopping I bought some mushroom pate, yummy I hear all you meat eaters saying, from a well known supermarket and yesterday with my salad I spead it on a rice cake nice and thick and took a bite AND YUK, it was off. When I had a closer look you could see all the little spore things growing. The sell by date was for March 1st which is tomorrow. Little cogs are turning in my head, how much compensation can I claim, how many magic coupons will I get, hurra I'll be coupon rich. Anyway took it back to the shop and got my refund as they didn't have any left. I was only joking about the compensation thing by the way. I did have reason to complain once about some dog food I had. I wrote to the company as if I was the dog who hadn't had any dinner as it was bad and kept it nice and jolly and signed off something like love from a very hungry, sad, Saffron and I got a few boxes in return, I think they sent too many by mistake but I was a very happy bunny so was Saffy. I think I'd better sign off now as these blogs of mine seem to turn into mini novels, don't want to bore the natives now do I. Bye for now off to do my nails. Night, night all, Linda x

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Just watched Most Haunted Live

Hi all and as the title says just watched it, mind you it sent my mum to sleep and I just about stayed awake. I used to love the programme but just watch it now " in case " anything ever happened, I wish. Mum and I went to the jumble sale mentioned yesterday and I bought a bag of beads and when I asked the lady how much she said I wouldn't have had them if she had seen them, lucky me. I paid £1 and I got quite a few nice chains, some larger beads, wooden beads, loads of seed beads, and an awful lot more besides, so really pleased with my bits and pieces. As you can see from the pictures there are the turtles I was talking about yesterday. On the backs of the turtles it looks like a bluey abalone shell. Spent a lot of time this afternoon taking the beads off the strings and necklaces from the jumble sale. Saffron got her walk pavement pounding inbetween the rain today but I believe we have more rain for tomorrow, yipee I just can't wait. The daffs and tulips are starting to poke their heads out in the garden and it will be nice to see some colour when they finally arrive. I've been asking about twitter and think I will bite the bullet and try and start up with it tomorrow, fingers crossed I understand what's going on. No doubt I'll be mentioning it on here if I manage to sort something out. Well I'm really tired now, most haunted has really done a good job on me. Just enough energy to stay awake while I clean my teeth, then bed. Signing off now, take care, love Linda x

Friday, 26 February 2010

Todays magic buys.

Hi there one and all. Firstly I would like to thank everyone who has left a comment on my blog. Finished watching the skating today from the Olympics and I must admit I enjoyed it. I don't think the bronze woman medalist should have won I think there were a couple better than her, but then what do I know. We had a break from the rain today and I think the sun even managed to surface for a short while. Forgot to mention that Saffron has had a sock on her foot for a few days as she has constantly been chewing it. Poor soul she is on tablets for her feet as they seem to be sensitive but don't know what to. When she has been going in the garden I've been putting a plastic bag over the sock to try and keep it dry and when she was running around you could hear her bag rustling. Mum and I went to a charity shop again today, just can't keep away and we bought a really pretty necklace with turtles on and I have recycled them into loads of other things, I'll try and remember to take some pictures tomorrow. The lady behind the counter must have heard mum and I talking about what we could do with the necklace and she said she had a bag full of broken jewellery someone had handed in and would we be interested for £1. Well we nearly snapped the ladies hand off there and then. When we got home there were loads of things in the bag. There was almost a whole roll of chain that will be great for bracelets and maybe even necklaces, bracelet findings,a bangle thing that I think you wire wrap, but I've got to see what to do with those, headbands and lots of beads that I've taken from the old necklaces they were on and probably over a 100 fishooks. Mum sat and did a lot of untangling as I don't have the patience. What a great find so when we go there again we can always ask if there is anymore stuff available. Checked the local paper and there is a jumble sale about 12 noon that we will probably go to. Had the electric meter changed today as it is cheaper and saves money after 9pm until 7am and cheaper over the weekend. the 20 12 tarriff I think it is. I've been clock watching so I could go and do a wash as soon after 9pm as possible, what a thing to be looking forward to, how sad am I. Well I think I've just about said everything for today so better go and check on the magic washing. Bye for now, love Linda x

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Evening all

Hi all, another bit of a late one as it's now 22.37. I hope everyone in blogland is fine and dandy. Not really done a great deal today except I had a new pupil and I survived to tell the tale for another day. Been raining virtually all day again today, it's getting really boring now and the garden is starting to flood. Mum and I went to homebase and I bought a toolbox for some of my bits and pieces, beads really, as I've broken the things up I got from the jumble sale and I went to a charity shop yesterday and bought a pretty necklace which lives no more. Arranged a couple of test drives for Monday, can't wait, but have to get an idea for when I'm ready to change cars again. Spent the last couple of hours huddled under a new lamp hubby bought me, no not getting a tan, I've been making things. Not managed to download any words for the songs for the choir yet but I'll be doing plenty of finger clicking and toe tapping over the weekend. I'm off to do something really exciting, now wait for it, put the wheelie bin and re-cycling out, I certainly know how to live life to the full. Signing off now until I choose to accept my next mission. Night Night all, see you next time xxx

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Paps outside Cheryl Coles house

Hi there, today in between lessons the 3 of us went to Milford for lunch and on the way back to Guildford we went past Cheryl Coles house and there were at least 4 motorbikes and at least 8 vehicles parked up and lots of people trying to look over her fence. I heard she's on her way back from the USA I hope someone warns her what to expect. It's a bit of an eye opener seeing all those people around the gates. No test drives and no choir practice today but I've got to download the song sheets for next week and it will give me a chance to see what's occuring. If anyone tried to leave a comment on yesterdays blog there was some sort of hiccup but now it's sorted.It has been pouring with rain for most of the day here today and yes Saffron is still clean. Mind you rain is nothing compared to what some people have got further up North, the snow is really bad as far as I can gather. Well that's about it for now, nothing exciting at all, YET. Oh no sorry, wrong day, it's not lotto day today is it, so don't expect any late edits telling you that I've won squillions on the lotto. Off for a cuppa I think. Bye for now, love to all.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Went to the taster session for the choir tonight.

Evening all, went looking at cars for a while today and looked at Fords, VW and Mini, liked 2 but not all 3. Will have to arrange test drives in the near future for the 2 I like. That's the thing about being a driving instructor, you need to keep the cars up to date and I usually only keep my cars for a minimum of 2 1/2 to 3 years. The worst thing about changing cars is when you've signed on the dotted line for the new one and there's a wait, there is always the thought in the back of your mind, please don't anyone hit me. Tonight as I mentioned before I went to Guildford College for a taster session for The Rock Choir. It was very good and there were probably more than 1/2 dozen newbies. We were put into what we thought might suit our voices, alto, base etc and then we did a warm up and there was clapping and finger clicking and moving from side to side, all fun stuff. I said to the lady next to me, also a newbie I didn't realize we were going to be exercising as well. It lasted for 1 1/2 hrs and hubby took me and picked me up, great fun. Hubby has paid for me to join and it's a bit cheaper as we are already through 1/2 a term. Now all I've got to do is learn the words AND the dance moves. Did you know you click up and down, not side to side and clap about chest high, no neither did I, so we've all learnt something tonight. Still on a bit of a high and will probably be singing "Ain't no mountain high enough " in my sleep all night. Enough excitement for me for one day so I'd better sign off and calm down. Night, night all.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

An early one today

Hi all and this is early for me. Mum and I have recovered from all our fun yesterday. Put the chicken in the oven for hubby and mum, I'm a veggie so don't eat it. Saffy is still clean as she hasn't been out yet but I'll take her out pavement pounding later, want her to look clean for at least another day. I've added a picture of the 3 pairs of earrings I got yesterday, I think I paid about 80p for the 3 pairs. I've changed the fishooks and added some sparkle beads and new silver spacers and I'm pleased with them. Going to add a black and silver bracelet to Folksy later and I'm going to make a stretch bracelet, it will be my first but I've watched a couple of tutorials on Utube so will have a practice first with the knot. Not much else to say as it's early. Bye for now, enjoy your day x

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Such a busy day

Hello there again, what a busy day. I've posted a picture of the bracelet I made after signing off from here. It's really a big chunky one, the biggest yet, what does anyone think ???. Had a cuppa brought to me in bed this morning by my mum, lovely. After breakfast mum and I went off to our first jumble sale and we bought quite a lot. I got a couple of pairs of earings and when I've finished here I'll change the fishooks and voila 2 new pairs for myself. I got some beads so will decide what to do with them later. When we got in I took Saffron out over the field, see pictures, and decided to bath her like I said yesterday. When I'd washed and dried her mum and I were off to our 2nd jumble sale. The display stand in the picture with my bracelet hanging on it cost me £1 and it's perfect, what a bargain. After the jumble sale we popped off to Sainsburys and had a cuppa. Home next and had to get busy cooking the dinner. I'm worn out, but had a great day. It was funny as the lady who stood behind us at the first jumble sale was then in front of us at the 2nd one. Think that's all for today, so until tomorrow,adios.

Friday, 19 February 2010

hello all

Hi all, good evening and I wonder if any of you have recognized the label for this post,it's the saying of David Frost. Went for a test drive today over in Aldershot of the new Citroen DS3, very nice too. At the moment I'm sitting in front of the pc surrounded by beads and head pins as I plan to make a big chunky bracelet when I've finished here, goodness knows when I'll get to bed but I don't have to get up too early in the morning, more about that later. The sun shone for a while this morning and I took Saffy over the field as the horses have been moved from there and she had such a lovely run but she was filthy and didn't appreciate the hose pipe when she got back.Before anyone rushes to get the RSPCA after me it was just to get the dirt off her legs, I'm hoping to give her a bath this weekend, I'll see if I can get some pictures. Saffy is very patient for all of 5 mins then that's it, she just wants to escape the bathroom. Once you've read a couple of my blogs you'll see most of my time revolves around "the saff" as she is also called. When I had my other girls I never did more than 2 hrs at a time to come home and check on them. (my girls as I call them were the 3 above). Tomorrow I'm off to a couple of jumble sales to see if I can find some beads or old jewellery to pull to peices and start again. I think I'd better sign off now or else this could turn into a book. Night, night all.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Day 2 , been busy again.

Hi all, day 2 of this blog thing. You'll know when I get the hang of it when I stop saying blog thing and just get on with it. I managed to un-follow myself with some help and after posting this will see if I can work out how to follow a few people. It poured with rain all day but still went to the bead shop as I said I would yesterday. Bought a few beads and will be making more memory wire bracelets in the next couple of days. Added a couple of wine glass charm to Folksy tonight too. Have been watching a bit of the Olympic games, the skating really and I think it's back in the early hours of tomorrow morning, it's been really good. At the moment I'm working on a www for my driving school, I've got an old one but need to update it so that's my job for this weekend. Going to Crufts in the next couple of weeks, on what day, take a wild guess, YES you guessed, Gundog day. I remember a few years ago after I'd lost one of my girls above, I'd gone to crufts and I stood among the Irish Setters and I burst into tears it was so sad. Wouldn't surprise me if I did the same again this year.Think that's all for now as I'm off for a cup of tea.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

My very first blog, here goes.

Hello to everyone and anyone who reads this blog and I hope there will be a few of you eventually. As mentioned in the "about me " bit I'm a driving instructor in and around the Guildford area and today had a few lessons to do. All went well and arrived home safely about 5.30 pm. Have been thinking about doing a blog now for a few weeks and finally after a few pitfalls have arrived here with my first one. I've got a day off tomorrow and might go and visit a bead shop near Woking as I want to make a few more items for my Folksy shop. If you'd like to take a look click on the link. My "to do" list for this year was to join a choir and Monday I'm off to Guildford College to have a taster session, hope it goes well, that will be something to write about. Well I'm going to sign off now, love to all, Linda