Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

wed 29th

Hello to one and all. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Finally the snow has gone and it's warmed up. I feel I've done nothing but cook and eat for the last few days and I'm really feeling full to the brim. Today hubby and I went out for a 1 & 1/2 hr walk just to get moving but I did take the girls on a lead walk, not over the field for a normal run. It was a bit hard going at first as Poppy wondered what was going on then she settled down. After hubby and I got back from our walk, in the rain I hasten to add, a bit later we took the girls for another lead walk around about 4 blocks. The snow has melted from the garden and the field so now it's a bit soft and muddy and mucky everywhere. Poppy seems to be walking on stilts now a she seems to be springing up and she has grown into her coat better. Think I'll sign off now. Happy New Year to everybody.Keep safe and warm, Linda x. PS thanks to hubby and mum for all the crimbo pressies.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Today Wednesday

Hi everyone. I actually went out and did a couple of hours work today. I cancelled my lessons yesterday but went out for a drive to see what it was like on the roads, they weren't too bad that's why I worked today. We still have snow or slush in Guildford and the side roads are a bit lethal as are some of the pavements. I don't think snow is forecast now until after crimbo, so that's good. Poppy had her coat on over the field today, she has grown into it which is great., she really does look so cute in it, if I say so myself. Saffy doesn't mind the snow but all she wants to do is eat it and I'm sure all that cold won't do her any good. Probably will get all my final bits in from the shops tomorrow, then no more. I can't believe the large shops and supermarkets are all open on Boxing day, who will need anything then. The way people are shopping you would think the shops will be closed for a month, not just a few hours.We don't have crimbo crackers on the table what we do is have little table pressies and make numbers for them and we each pick a number then pick a prize. We do it for the 2 days, and this evening I've been wrapping them up. It doesn't seem so cold now and I don't think it's been 0 or below for a few days, thank goodness it means the heating can get turned off for a few hours at night, dread to think how high the gas bill will be. I made my first soap loaf the other night (M&P) and it turned out great.I made lots of different coloured curls then added them to the loaf, really pleased with it and a couple of slices are being given away as pressies. Bye for now, off to get a wash going, Linda x

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Greetings from a very white Guildford

Hi all. It snowed heavily yesterday but mum and I went shopping, thank goodness we did as it has been snowing for about 5 hrs today. There are a couple of pictures of the girls in the snow taken today. Poppy had a mad 10 or so minutes earlier and she really loves it. Saffron went in the garden but she was less impressed. I and a lot of other people are still waiting for parcels to arrive for presents. I didn't think we would get post today but our man Pete arrived in almost blizzard conditions, well done Pete. It's very quiet out, no cars or buses anywhere to be seen or heard, I love it like that, so peaceful. Yesterday while shopping I was thinking ahead and bought the veggies and some cream just incase I can't get out later for the last minute things before crimbo. If that was the last shop we are fine for crimbo and boxing day dinners, hopefully not though. Both girls had a hide chew earlier and Poppy is still trying to get through hers, mind you she is a bit short in the teeth department. Signing off now, take care, keep warm and safe, Linda x

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Look what I've got .

Hello everyone, I have baby teeth. I've been on the look out for a few days now and found my first baby (puppy tooth on Sunday). I have collected a few teeth from all my girls and Poppy has shed a few at last. I have been known in the past to help loose teeth fall out with a little help from me pulling them a bit, nothing too drastic I hasten to add. Poppy has had a little chew on a crimbo tree branch but nothing over the top and it's still in one piece and standing. Saying that I haven't got any lights on it yet as I'm waiting to get them. Just taken a picture of her on the settee after her supper, a cocktail sausage, after coming in from the garden. Saffy has a couple of sausages with her piriton tablet in at supper time, mind you I don't do supper just the girls, demanding creatures these girls. We have snow forecast coming by the weekend, can't wait. At the first sign of snow I'm off to Tesco for milk and bread, got loads of stuff in the freezer though as it's near crimbo. Must go as I fancy a hot chocolate. Take care, keep well and keep warm, Linda x

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Greetings from Surrey

Evening all. It's turned cold again and snow is on it's way ( I believe ). More work to be cancelled, just what I need before crimbo. I think I've just about done all my shopping for pressies now, virtually all done online. The 3 of us went out this evening for a crimbo dinner at the local pub just over the common, nice, but had to come home for a cuppa, needed to have a bit of a gap between food and the tea. Poppy is growing quite quickly now, will have to get a few pictures soon to put on here. Today I've put the tree up but only put a few baubles on it and kept my pretty glass, breakable ones until next year. The baubles on it now I don't think will break if the tree finds itself on the floor, ah poor tree. Tomorrow I've got to buy some new lights as I can't find the transformer for the ones I have now, pain. Had a sort out in the loft and will be taking an older 6" tree of mine to the charity shop along with a table decoration and some gold and red beads on a chain. Some time during the day I must also write my cards and get posted, I'm so behind, such is life. Poppy is quite a vocal little girl but so adorable if I say so myself and a pretty little girl. I hope all her brothers and sisters did well in their new homes. Bye for now, keep safe and warm, Linda x

Thursday, 2 December 2010

New pictures

Hi all, the pictures taken this morning from the bedroom window and Poppy in the garden. She loves the snow and was racing around the garden for ages this morning, Saffy has seen it all before and isn't bothered. I won't be taking them out today as it will be up to Poppies tummy over the field and when I brought Saffron in I had to get all the snow from her coat. It snowed for most of the night and it's snowing again now. I'd better sign off now as I'm busy trying to finish my accounts for the taxman. Linda x

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

It's snowing again

Hi all, just been in the garden with the girls for their last trip and it's snowing again. There's a lot of it too. Poppy loves the snow and it's difficult to get her in as she loves racing around in it. I've decided to only take them out once a day as Saffy comes back with so much snow in her coat and Poppy takes a few steps in her coat and then falls over. While we were out today I ended up carrying it all around the field with me.We've had the heating on all day and night for a couple of days so I knew Poppy would get warm when she came in. Today I gave them a big chew between them and it took Poppy ages to get through her third. I've put a couple of pictures for you to see.I lost a days work today but I didn't have any for the next couple of days so it's not too bad.Supposed to be doing a fair on Saturday but not sure about that at the moment.Off for a bath now then bed. Linda x

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Hi all from a snowy Guildford

It has arrived....the snow. Hello all and it arrived today just as they said it would. I did a lesson in the light snow from 12pm until 1pm and my next lesson was due at 1.30 but by then it was very dark and the snow was heavy and laying on the ground, so all the lessons for the day got cancelled. We are fully snowed in so I can't see me doing any work for the next day or two. I've added a couple of new photos of our new shed that the 3 of us put up in the freezing cold last Saturday and Poppy in her new coat. The shed took us about 6hrs to do and mum and I took it in turns to get very cold while helping hubby. When Poppy has been going out for walks I've been putting tons of layers on and I thought Poppy is only young and slim so she might be cold. Hubby and I went out and bought her a coat. It's too big really at the moment but she'll grow into it and hopefully grow some more fur. When it was first put on she managed to step out of it and she rolled over and it just came over her head and off. Mum and I were watching and it was so funny. The picture of Saffron could have been taken today as that's what it's like here now. Hope everyone is managing to stay warm and out of trouble. Linda x

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Today Tuesday and it's cold

Hello all, it's cold in Guildford and I've just checked the weather forecast and we have light snow for Friday, can't wait. I've been cold from about August. As I write this I have 2 pairs of socks on and 4 layers on my top half and I'm still cold. I was stroking Saffron a few days ago and on her neck she has a lot of scabs where Poppy has been sinking her teeth into her, poor soul. I've started the "down " command with Poppy now and she lies down ok but I have to put the word to what she does. The other day she was in the garden and I wondered what was in her mouth only to find a green net that has the fat balls for the birds in. I was calling her to come but she was running round the garden having a lovely time and all I could see was a huge vet bill when it had gone through her stomach and got blocked,OMG. A couple of louder "come here" commands seem to do the trick and I took it out of her mouth straight into the bin, thank goodness. Mum and hubby say how big she's getting now but I can't see it. I know when she's on your lap she overhangs a bit now and she takes up half a settee quite easily. I'll see if I can take a few more pictures for you to take a look at. Ok, that's it from a cold and tired Linda x

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Daddy bonding time on the weekend for Poppy

Hi all, I"ve been out for both days on the weekend so it was a good time for " daddy and Poppy " bonding. I think Poppy gave hubby a bit of a hard time yesterday with running in and out and picking on Saffron and today he had things to do so he wasn't paying her complete attention therefore wasn't surprised when accidents happened indoors. I think Saffy suffered a bit too as Poppy only had her to pick on for a while unsupervised. I come home, she gets fed and watered, so to speak and then she's asleep for hours. As I write this she is asleep on the sofa on a quilt downstairs, lovely and comfy and cosy. Saffy spent some time upstairs when I came home just after some peace and quiet and happy to have "Saffy time". Met some people from the "craft forum" over the weekend so it was good to put faces to names. I'm really tired now so this is it for today, take care, Linda x

Monday, 15 November 2010

Fell in stinging nettles

Hi all, time now is 23.37 and my knee and hand are still throbbing from earlier. I took Saffy out and was worried about her getting caught in the lead so I lost my balance and took a tumble into stinging nettles, that was at 3.20pm. I put my hand and knee down and it still hurts all this time later, what a pain. Mum and I went out for a couple of hours to lunch earlier and Poppy went into her kennel with a kong and they were both good, not that Poppy can get up to much though.Hubby came over the field with me and Poppy and he was impressed with her recall work.We even had other dogs around at the time, I was pretty pleased with her. Had a bad back for about a week now and have just got out of the bath and sprayed myself with Ralgex and I'm feeling the pain of the spray now as I must have done it too soon after the bath, sore and burning at the moment,ouch.Must let Poppy out in the garden for one last time then off to bed. Looking at my diary for tomorrow I was originally going to be busy with 6 lessons but now I have only 3, more time for training I suppose but have lost out money wise. Bye for now, sleep tight one and all, Linda x

Sunday, 14 November 2010


Hi all, just a photo taken today, enjoy Linda x

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Recall trainng

Evening all. I've added a couple of new pictures to the blog and now Poppy doesn't get in the basket and wet in it I can add some more padding to it. The other photo is when hubby took them over the field last Saturday.He only managed a couple of pics as Poppy just wanted to run round in circles. For the last couple of days I've taken the girls out separately, Saffy for her long walk and Poppy so I can start some recall work and a shorter walk. When we get over the field it seems a bit daunting for Poppy so she doesn't seem to want to go too far from me, which is good, and with a lot of help from some cocktail sausages she comes back rather well. I think she has mastered the "sit" now and so far with no distractions and a fair wind behind us she returns well, see what happens when there are other people and dogs about. I now want to move on and have a go at the "down" command. I think she seems to be geting the hang of the house training now as she runs to the back door when she wants to go out,but this also applies when she wants to chase the birds. As she makes the effort to go out we now have to keep an eye out for that. If I want her to go in the garden she just sits in the lounge and stares at me. The girls are getting on well but I think Poppy can play a bit rough with Saffron. Bye, Linda x

Monday, 8 November 2010

Poppy had a trip to the vets today

Hi all. Poppy has had the runs for a couple of days so I tried 6 very small feeds, 3 feeds and finally gave up when I couldn't think of anything else to try. I even stopped the kong incase it was the spray stuff that you use. She has had really bad runs for about 3 days and today after an accident in the conservatory I thought enough is enough, poor little soul. The vet said it's probably nothing to do with food as you just feed them to what they want, but it might well be a winter bug that goes around. I must admit Saffy gets the runs sometimes but it's easy to sort her out but not a pup. When she had a jab talk about cry, you must have heard it up the road and then some. Anyway she's got some tablets, going to reworm her then if it continues, another visit, fingers crossed she gets better. For this little trip I came away £55.98 lighter. I've added a couple more pictures taken in the last 1/2 hour, enjoy, Linda x

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Today Sunday

Hi all and firstly Happy Birthday mum. We went out to dinner today to a restaurant we hadn't visited before and it was very nice. We thought we might try a different place once a month. Poppy went out for her first big grown up walk yesterday with hubby as I was at a fair and couldn't make it. Today though it was my turn. The first time I took Saffy out for her normal walk then came back for Poppy as she can't go as far yet. My goodness, she was all over the place, going from one side to the other then wrapping herself around my legs, I don't know how I didn't fall over. This afternoon hubby and I went out with the 2 girls and she was tugging on the lead rearing to go and play with Saffy.The 2 walks were so different. I think I'll make this short (ish) and sweet so I'll sign off now and go and make a cuppa. Linda x

Thursday, 4 November 2010

very early morning trips to the garden

Hi all. The day before yesterday Poppy made a terrible mess in the house in the morning before she could get in the garden, so yesterday morning I got up at 3.10am and took her out,after being clean it was back to bed for us and she was good all day. This morning I got up at 1.40am and back into the garden we went, so far today, touch wood no accidents. Poppy takes a flying leap at Saffron and a couple of times Saffy has squeaked then chased Poppy around the house. Mostly I'm pleased to report they get along fine and play well together. Tonight when I fed Saffy I took my eyes off what was happening and Poppy took a few mouthfuls out of the bowl, but at least there was no growling or snapping which is great.Poppy is quite good at coming back in the garden but when I take her out on the weekend she'll go out on her own for a while as I need to train her to return, something Saffron does in her own time, when she feels ike it,where's the fire, if you get my drift.I'm off tomorrow and have to do a dump run as we are still clearing out the loft, the stuff we are getting rid of or taking to the charity shops could furnish a new house I'm sure. Mum is going into town tomorrow as she needs a break from " The Poppy ". Bye for now, Linda x

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Today Sunday and new pictures

Hi all. Poppy is very frightened of fireworks as I have found out in the last couple of days. Here are a couple of pictures taken today of the girls. Hubby has had the vax machine out again today as there have been a couple of puddles. Ps. no aches from the skating, hurra. Todays blog, very short and sweet,Linda x

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Saturday today

Hi all. Poppy having a bit more of a lie in before she gets up and thankfully when she comes in from the garden early in the morning she runs to the bottom of the stairs waiting to go back to bed. She had her 2nd jab on wednesday so she'll be able to get out soon. Today I went ice skating with a friend and was gone for 3 hrs and when we pulled up in the car to get dropped off I thought someone had died. Mum was doing lot of hand signals and when I got indoors found out that Poppy had wet the floor about 3 times and did other things twice. Hubby was busy with the vax machine again. I think that's twice in 2 days. I must admit it was all go from the minute I got up this morning until I went out at 2pm. Talking about ice skating though I managed to stay upright all the time we were there, happy or what. It's been over 20 yrs since I went last.My washing machine thinks it needs a holiday as it's on the go quite a lot and it's a bit of a nightmare keeping up with the doggy washing. Roll on in about another 3 weeks when Poppy can control what she's doing. At the moment we are taking her out about every hour apart from after playtime and feeding time. I remember now why I said " NEVER AGAIN HAVING A PUPPY"..As the song goes...."things can only get better". Linda x

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Little bu**er, Poppy

Hi all from a frazzled Linda. Poppy (ah bless ) some tell the truth, got me up at 4.10am by jumping up at the side of my bed. I let her in the garden then took her upstairs to get Saffy and by the time I'd got upstairs again hubby was standing there asking me when I was going to take Poppy out as she was barking and howling. She did settle down again but I was so tired at 7am when I had to get up. I was working today so had a slight break from it. I put her in the kennel for a while with a stuffed kong and she was quiet for all of...........5 MINS. This morning at 8.10 I sat in the kennel with her and closed the door behind me to show her it's a lovely place to be. She was as good as gold chewing something next to me completly relaxed until I left the kennel. I'll put a picture of the kennel up here so you can see it's a big one. I'm off to work again now so it's hubbies turn. Bye for now, Linda x

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Better night last night.

Hi all, a better night last night I'm sooooooo glad to say. Took the girls up to bed with me last night and Poppy went straight to the quilt on the floor next to my bed and Saffy took herself to my mums room. About 2.15am I woke up and found them both on the quilt asleep, ah bless. About 6.10am Poppy was jumping up at the side of my bed so I got up and took her into the garden then made a cuppa and watched some of the Grand Prix.By about 9.30 I was so tired I went back to bed for an hour. Today Saffy hasn't been well but still managed to play in the garden with Poppy. It's so nice to see them both prancing around playing chase. Saffy has a lot of chew toys that she still takes out of her toy box and as she's chewing on something Poppy takes it out of her mouth and walks off with it and starts chewing it for herself. I was holding my breath the first time it happened and I was waiting for the fallout but nothing happened. Saffy will pick something else and pup takes that too, Saffron is being very patient with her. I put Poppy in the indoor kennel today as hubby was in the garden doing building work, I went for a run and mum was upstairs as she hasn't been well and did she howl or what, I believe she screeched and moaned all the time I was out. I put the radio on and gave her a stuffed kong for good measure but it didn't help. Saffron was a howler when she was small and I'd never heard anything like it before, it was so funny but deafening, I don't think Poppy has quite got the same volume, YET. As I'm writing this on my laptop Poppy has just taken hubbies slipper off his foot and run off with it. Wednesday she'll be having her 2nd jab so in a week she'll be finding her feet in the big outside world. She has a squeeky boot which she seems to like and is very good at bringing it back to me. So far so good with the new puppy owning. I think I had worked myself up into such a frenzy about how awful it was going to be it doesn't seem too bad. Fingers crossed, touch wood and any other things I can think of. Love Linda x

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Poppy and Saffron today

Hi all, what a night, what can I was a nightmare. These 2 girls are still not sleeping together and I have a heavy suitcase dividing them at night at the bottom of the bed keeping them away from each other. Last night Poppy wouldn't settle and I wasn't feeling too well so at 2.30am I got up and took her out into the garden to be clean, so far so good. Went back to bed and for the next hour she was having a go at the suitcase and jumping up at the side of the bed next to hubby so there was a lot of "down" and "no" going on. A bit later it went quiet, hurra until 4.15 when you think someone had tried to do her a mischief,what a noise, it was so loud and awful, in a way that was true. When I leapt out of bed she was next to me by the side of the bed on the floor and Saffron had rolled onto her and was squashing her. I moved Saffy and it went quiet again for a couple of hours. So much for the blockade. Today they have been playing together in the garden so I'm hoping they might actually be able to sleep without being divided in the bedroom, we'll see.She is a real cuddle bum and there's a picture of her on my lap feeling at home.At the moment she's asleep at my feet while I write this.Bye for now,Linda x

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

New puppy Poppy

Hi all, I did mention a puppy on my last post, here she is. Her name is Poppy and she's about 10 weeks old. We got her from the Irish Setter Rescue and she's a cross between an Irish and English Setter. Her mum was an Irish and her dad was an English Setter. Poppy and her parents plus about 9 siblings came from Ireland and I don't know much more about her. Mum and I picked her up on Monday and I thought she's be sick on her way home but she was as good as gold. She decided " I don't do boxes" so when mum took her out of the box she just slept for the rest of the journey in mums arms. She is almost house trained and has only had a couple of accidents in the house as the last place she was at started putting newspaper down which has helped. Saffron isn't too impressed at the moment but at least she doesn't want to stay upstairs behind the baby gate. When I brought her home she got through the gate in the back garden but I was there and saw it happen, so Tuesday hubby went to B&Q and got some wire mesh so now she's safe. Upstairs there was a bit of a gap under the baby gate so he had to put a bit of wood underneath, I'll put a picture on here tomorrow.Today she had a mad run around the garden and totally loved it. I wanted a cuddle bum and that's just what she is, fantastic.Linda x

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Not well last week, had the lurgy.

Hi all,not very well last week as one of my pupils gave me the lurgy. It really knocked me out for a few days and even now am still tired and sniffing.I haven't been able to do any running as I feel worn out and have only been swimming once. I had a pupil who took the new driving test which involves independant driving and she passed first time.The new test isn't so bad after all. On monday I'll have some news of a new puppy but I don't want to say any more here. Watch this space for photos and news. Signing off now as must go and get some dinner going for hubby and mum. Hope everyone out there in blog land keeps away from any people with the flu. Keep safe and warm, Linda x

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Hi all

Hello all, it's been a while. The joys of being a driving instructor.I had a new pupil last Friday who has a foreign license and has been driving for a number of years but it was awful. They have given me a bad neck. I was worried it would be whiplash but it wasn't quite that bad, but bad enough. I didn't go swiming Thursday, Friday or Sunday as I thought I'd rest my neck. It's still not right today, Tuesday but I'll get back to swimming on Thursday. Hubby and I went to Brighton yesterday for a look round. It's a bit big for me but we then went to the Marina and enjoyed the long walk to the end of the breakwater and back.Back to work today but not too bad. I'm just sitting and watching a Robin on the fatball but still no one wants to move into my birdhouses, perhaps they never will, time will tell. Linda x

Sunday, 12 September 2010


Hi all. Today hubby and I went swimming and I did 50 mins and really enjoyed myself, no having to talk myself into going today. Had a coffee after but the service was bad and coffee not great so we may go to Starbucks after swimming next time. I've had a headache all day, just can't seem to shift it. Managed to cut the grass but did sting myself with a stinging nettle I pulled up. Ruined a pair of joggers with decking stain and have the same stain all over my hands.Cooked a nice roast chicken dinner for hubby and mum and Saffy had some too, she was a happy bunny. Talking about Saffy must get her over the field in a minute before it gets dark. After our walk I must do a bit more ironing, mind you I enjoy that.Have seen a couple of blue tits on the new peanut feeder but still no one in the bird houses yet.Signing off as I must go for that walk, Linda x

Friday, 10 September 2010

Still no takers, ah bless.

Hello to one and all. I've still got to report my bird houses are empty. We bought a new peanut feeder and that's very closeby to encourage someone to move in but alas no one has yet. Today I had a big debate with MYSELF while sitting on the edge of the bed this morning. It was about going swimming or not. I got up, pulled the covers back and had a talk wether to go or not. I'm thinking the bed is warm do I really want to get in the car and get wet and take about 2 hrs out of my day when I could just go back to bed. In the end, I'm thinking, new dresses to get I went, hurra and really enjoyed it too. I can now do 1 length freestyle and 1 length breastroke with no stopping at either end for 40 mins. It shows how my fitness levels have changed and if the breathing is right it is ok, I'm really pleased with myself. I want to add another 5 mins to my time in the future just for good measure. Wanted to go for a run and baby jog for 2 days but right in the middle of my left knee it hurt everytime I moved it, so I couldn't go. Hope the weather stays dry over the weekend so I can get the grass cut and I really need to do a dump run. Must be off now as huby and I will take "the Saff " out, Linda x

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Today 2nd Sept

Hi everyone, what a lovely sunny, warm day it's been here in Guildford. I've added a new picture of a couple of new bird boxes we've put up in the garden, I'm just waiting for someone to move in. This came about because we noticed a couple of blue tits in the garden and they were using a shelf that we had to plug up so to speak and I felt so guilty about it we bought the 2 houses for them. On the first day which was Monday a blue tit looked in both boxes but never actually got the whole way in. I've been watching every night but so far no takers. I keep watching and I do hope they do like the boxes and eventually move in, I'm already thinking about the baby bird photos I can take, talk about get ahead of myself, fingers and everything crossed. Just off now to take "The Saff " out for a trip around the field. Her limp seems to be a lot better now. Signing off, take care and if it's sunny where you are, enjoy, Linda x

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Tuesday 24th Aug

Hi all. Just back from a week in the beautiful country of Norway, such a lovely place. Hubby and I went on a hike up a mountain to visit a glacier. I think the bumff in the brouchure was a bit out on the description as they said it was about 45 mins. It took us longer and it was all uphill on the way up and we had to go over a bridge under a waterfall and we got soaked. It's been going for a few thousand years and it is going back on itself at the moment as it's now 1/2 way up the mountain again. If anyone wants beautiful scenery Norway is the place to visit. The weather was fab, sun at each port. Bad news though, Saffy had to go to prison (kennels) for the week. She wasn't too well while there so when I got her back I had to give her a bath as she'd had the runs and she was taken to the doggy docs. She's fine now and enjoying her normal routine. Mum and I the charity shops yesterday near home and I got a fab black,long dress covered in silver sequins, just what I always wanted and just right for a formal night on a cruise, cost £20 and it's brand new as it still has all the labels on. Today back to work and when I'd finished started back at the jogging again. Bye for now, hope all is well in blog land, Linda x

Sunday, 8 August 2010


Hi all. Went swimming this morning and hubby came to. He tells me he did about 10 lengths which is ok as it's been a long time since he went to the pool. We had a coffee after then home. Hubby got on with painting the fence and after breaky I did the fiddly bits around the summerhouse windows and doors. I've got the last 2 sides to paint now. I was just about to start dinner for hubby and mum when I heard a loud bang and a pigeon had flown in the conservatory. He flew out again after he'd hit another window but he made quite a mess. When looking at what he'd done it looked just like shotgun pellets but I'm guessing it was undigested seed, very interesting as I'd never seen it before, bugger to clear up though. I've put a picture of Saffy chilling on the patio. I took her for a slightly longer walk today as she has a limp now so I wanted to see how she went for the rest of the day, so far seems ok. Better go and check on the dinner, Linda x

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Evening all

Hi all, Saffy is still walking with a limp so I will have to mention it at the vets tomorrow as I have the insurance forms to pick up. Expensive business this, so far it's cost almost £450 ish. I'm still keeping her on her lead as I'm not sure about the limp. I've been busy doing some chiping and chopping as the recycling for gardening comes tomorrow and it will save me a trip to the dump. Hubby had a pizza tonight and he always orders chicken strips which he and Saffy share, ahh bless. Been busy booking fairs for Nov and Dec so hopefully should be busy just before crimbo. Hope to get up early and go swimming in the morning at 7.30am. Was going to go the other night but couldn't really face it so I donned my runners and did my walk/ 3 one min jogs. Stumped to say anything else, that makes a change I hear someone say, so I'll sign off, Linda x

Monday, 2 August 2010

Stitches a thing of the past

Hurra, the stitches are gone. Saffy wasn't too impressed when he was taking 4 lots out as the hair had started to grow back, and the first thing he did was cut himself. Forgot to mention as he was putting her on the table he banged her head so when he cut himself he said that was payback from Saffron. After the visit to the doggy docs we walked home and than I took her for a stroll over the common, nothing fancy but I think she enjoyed the sniff round. I finished the decking today so at least that's a job done.Did some gardening today and got a bit filthy and have had something in my eye for about 4 hrs that I can't shift. I've tried pulling the lid and have used an eye bath but can't get rid of it. My eye isn't watering as I wear contacts and am used to something in my eye but this is different.Just having a cuppa now, Linda x

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Been busy

Hi all, went swimming again this morning did my 50 - 60 lengths and then had a mocha. Came home and had breaky 1 slice peanut butter on toast and tea, lovely. Got hubby his bacon sandwich and coffee then we had to do some digging for putting posts in. Before that though I finished my staining of the decking as I needed to get inbetween the big deck boards where the dribbles had gone, probably the end bits will need one more coat then that's a job finished. Still got 2 sides of the summerhouse to do though. Hubby and I managed to get 2 concrete posts in, so during the week we can put the last fence panel in. Just been ironing for a while and that's it. Feeling tired so might have an early night or listen to some music in bed. Can't be up too late tomorrow as I want to be down the doggy docs by 9am for Saffy. After her stitches come out will have to take her out for a walk, poor soul it must be about a month she's been under house arrest. Won't go too far with her though. Inbetween lessons Friday went for a walk with my 3 one min jogs thrown in as I wanted to see how it went and it was fine.Yesterday treated hubby to a pizza as a belated birthday lunch and a wonder around town. Signing off now as I need to put the ironing board away. Take care all, Linda x

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

swimming at 9.30 pm

Hi all, last night I was on the pc and thought, do I want to be on here for longer or shall I go for a swim...........swimming won. At 9.15pm I donned my costume and headed for the pool. I did my 40 mins and it must be more that 50 lengths now as I'm managing to do more front crawl inbetween the breast stroke. No coffee shops open and it was dark outside. I got home about 10.30pm. It cost me full price which was a surprise but when I phoned the pool up today to check I can only get concessions during term time unless it's early morning lane swim. That will probably cut down on my swimming a bit as it costs £4.40 at a time. Today is hubbies birthday so a bit later the 3 of us are going for a meal, mums treat. I'll take him out on Saturday to have a wonder around town and I said I'd treat him to a pizza for his birthday, we both love pizza. Going now as I need to feed "The Saff" and see about getting ready. Love to all, Linda x

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Saffy the no scratch kid

Hi all and as the title says, she's not scratching at all. The mess that was behind her ear looks all nice and scabby, just what the doctor ordered. Oops sorry, hope no one was eating then. All her wounds look good now so maybe the stitches will come out this week, have to see. I went swimming on Sunday and mum and I went to Dorking yesterday and had a good nose round the charity shops. Been booking a few craft fairs for Nov and Dec time so hopefully peeps might be spending then. I went to Sains this evening and when I checked my purse I only had a couple of pounds in it not the £20 note I thought I had. Had to go to the info desk and see if I had any rewards on my Sains card and thankfully I did. Managed to spend about £12, what an idiot, never mind at least I checked before I got to the checkout.Linda x

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Saffy update

Hi all, today Saffy went to the doggy docs to maybe have some stitches out but as the wound by her ear has been bleeding and got scabby he didn't remove any of them. He gave her an injection and she has some different meds as the main priority now is to stop her scratching. I've got to phone him Thursday to let him know how she's doing. So far today the back foot has not found it's way around the side of her head, fingers crossed it stays like that. Today after the vets hubby and I put up 3 new fence panels, I did a bit of chipping and a chopping in the garden and stained some decking, busy, busy, busy. Did get to bed early last night as I mentioned and slept quite well for a change.Linda x

Friday, 23 July 2010

I did it

Hi all, remember me saying I was hoping to get up and go swimming......YEH I did it. I got up at 7.15, cleaned my teeth and was in the pool by 7.33. It was like a warm bath and it was quite empty, it was great. I swam for 40 mins so I may have done just over the 50 lengths as I can now do about 4 whole lengths of front crawl, not all together I hasten to add and I did a length of backstroke the rest is breast stroke my fav. After the swim I had a soya coffee as a treat, breakfast when I came home. Last night I gave Saffy 2 piriton tablets as the vet said I could up it while she's not on her medrone and I think it was 1/2 a tab too many as she still seems pretty zonked at the moment and it's 10.10 am. Might just give her 1 1/2 tonight but at least she's not been awake most of the night scratching, bless. At the moment she's off her food so for her breaky I put the antibiotics in a sausage roll in 3 parts which she has eaten but that's all. Feel a bit hyper at the moment but I know that will wear off later. Signing off now as I need to go and get ready then mum and I will go and have a quick look around a charity shop and sains then hubby and I will be doing our bigger shop at Tescos later, Linda x

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Saffy been to the doggy docs tonight

Hi all, Saffy went to the doggy docs tonight as the wound behind her ear has gone a bit yucky. The stitches are fine it's just that she has managed to scratch around the area and made it sore and red. The vet said it had got infected so she gave Saffy an injection with a touch of antibiotic and she's got some tablets to start on tomorrow. The stitches on her back, leg and shoulder are doing well and I reckon they might come out Saturday but maybe not by her ear, have to wait and see. I was going swimming at 7.45 am today but I'm afraid I got up went to the loo and got back into bed. To make up for the lack of effort on my part hubby and I went for a 55 min walk this evening, I'm hoping to go for a swim tomorrow as I'm not working, I must not be lazy. It's about 9.55 pm and I'm really tired so I might go to bed then hopefully can get up early in the morning. Signing off, Linda x

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Saffy update

Hi all, Saffy is very itchy as she's not on her normal medication but hopefully her stitches will be coming out on Saturday. She runs about a bit mad sometimes and is limping but perhaps if she feels a bit of pain she might slow down. The vet says she needs to heal and he'll have a look at her on Saturday to see if she needs any more painkillers. I went swimming yesterday and swam for 40 mins and finally got to the 50lengths I was after, treated myself to a coffee afterwards. I'm still doing my situps and pressups, I'm really trying hard now. I did a fair on Sunday but it wasn't very good. The venue was great, people nice but not enough peeps through the doors. I won't be doing any now until Oct onwards when I hope people will be looking for crimbo pressies.I'm trying my hand at making soap now but got it a bit wrong yesterday so have tried again tonight. It's a good job I'm swimming so I can use my iffy soap bars. I've got lots of toms on my tomato plants so I'm looking forward to eating some of them. Think I'll sign off now and go and have a cuppa. I'll keep you updated on "The Saff" and I really will get some more photos, Linda x

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Saffy feeling better now

Hi all and as mentioned she is feeling better now. She has finished all her tablets but the doggy doc wants her to keep her stitches in for 12 days. The results came back from the lab and it's good news, the lumps seem to have been made from skin and hair, he says if she gets any more he won't worry about taking them all off so quickly. I think she is getting a bit stir crazy as she can't go out yet. I went swimming yesterday and swam for 30 mins not stop so I reckon I may have done 34 or 36lengths, I'll have to count next time as I'd like to do 50. After my swim I had a coffee but nothing to eat. Just in from a craft fair and it didn't go well. Venue good but not enough people through the doors, still that's fairs for you, think I'll leave it now until nearer to crimbo. Linda x

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Thanks all

Thank you for your well wishes for "The Saff". No problems with her eating now she's allowed food. Today the bleary eyes have gone and she's limping slightly as she has 2 lots of stitches on her right side, by her ear and shoulder. It's sad to see her in pain when the pain killers wear off between feeding times. Mike slept on the floor with her downstairs last night but I think they will both be going upstairs tonight. Today I thought she'd pulled a stitch out but when I had a good look, it was a bit of fluffy cotton wool that had moved. No she hasn't got a big cone on her head but we have to keep an eye on her stratching at the stitches she can reach, so far so good. I remember when we were going to have Willow put to sleep just after Crimbo a few years ago Mike and I camped downstairs with the 3 girls under the crimbo tree, they took it in turns to sleep on the beds we'd made on the floor. We had her put to sleep on Dec 27th, a sad day for us. I know there may be people who read this and must be thinking " what the devil is she on about, camping out on the floor for a dog ". Those of you who have animals and care for them will probably understand what I mean. Bye for now, will keep you up to date on saffron, Linda x

Monday, 12 July 2010

Saffy home after her operation.

Hi all, I took Saffy to the vets today and had to wait quite a while before she went in, but only 10 mins after the pre-med her eyes were all bleary and she was almost zonked. We picked her up at 5.30pm all red eyed and wobbly and she has 4 quite big wounds with stitches over different parts of her body. There will be no walks for her for a few days. The stitches will be coming out in about 11 days and the lumps will be sent off to histology to make sure everything is ok. Such a shame seeing them like that. Anyway fingers crossed all will be fine. I had a go at making a bar of soap the other day and it looks ok and smells nice so I might actually use it this evening. I went swimming yesterday at 11am and did 30 lengths in 25 mins then went and treated myself to a coffee and something to eat. Hope to go at least 2 or 3 times a week now plus my walking and baby jogs. I thought it was going to be pouring with rain today but all we had was a few drops now and then. I've just read the weather forecast for the rest of the week and it does look like the wet weather is coming. Now it's cooled down though at least we can all get some sleep. Hope everyone is well, signing off, Linda x

Friday, 9 July 2010

Mess eating Saffy, yuk, read after dinner please :)

Hi all, this morning after Saffy had been to the toilet in the garden I cleared up as usual ( have to or she eats it ) and put it in a nappy sack by the back gate to take over the common to put in the doggy bin, and found out shortly after she had broken the bag open and had eaten the contents. This is the first time she has ever opened a bag to get to it. When she goes over the common and gets let off her lead she has to wear a muzzle as she eats not only her own mess but anyone elses fresh mess, sorry folks but I did say read afer dinner :) I used to get fed up of her going down the vets every couple of weeks being ill because of this so in the end decided she would have to wear a muzzle. The vet says there is nothing wrong by the way before anyone asks. One of the girls above ate her mess but she grew out of it, but not "the Saff". As the weather is supposed to be very hot again Saffy will be getting a new paddling pool tomorrow as I've reserved one from Argos. It's the little apple shaped one for sand and water but this one will be Barbie pink, hope she doesn't mind :) If it's that hot we'll probably share it anyway. I'll see if I can get a couple of pictures as she loves to get in the pool and dig. This is why we have to replace them as she cracks them so often. With the new one I'll put a towel or something underneath. My hips are better now so I hope to do a tiny jog over the weekend to see what happens.Today I bought a card from Spectrum so I'm hoping to start swimming again next week. The car is running very well and the climate control is fab, haven't had a car without AC or climate for years now.Signing off now, Linda x

Monday, 5 July 2010

Saffy booked in for op.

Hi there. Took the magic brown stuff down the vets this morning and will phone tomorrow about the results. If all is well she will have her op to remove the 3 lumps next Monday. It's a shame after an op as they look so sad and they don't understand the pain they feel. I always wonder about the pain relief they get. I made some bath bombs today and will get them labelled and written up as I'm hoping to sell a few of these in the next week or 2, I must say the house smells nice after making these things. My running/walking has come to an abrupt halt as I've got really painful hips from last week. I did my jog and walking last Sunday week and on the Monday mum and I went to Spectrum to look round and we took the stairs rather than the lift and on Tuesday I had a lot of pain in both hips. Managed to get a doctors appointment for this Thursday so hopefully he can give me some more tablets that help with things like bad backs and whiplash. I'm dosed up with painkillers and done no real walking for over a week and I feel really bad about it. I don't know, you try and get fit and Bang something goes wrong. Feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment, never mind. Signing off, Linda x

Sunday, 4 July 2010

OMG it's been so long

Hi there everyone, just checked the date of the last blog, where have I been for so long I ask myself. Wimbledon is over so no more being glued to the TV at every moment possible. I now have the new car, see picture or take a look at Cannon school of Motoring on facebook. It's very dinky, nifty and great to drive. Had it for 1 week and 2 days so far. Saffy went to have her booster shot last week and I showed the vet 3 lumps that have been getting bigger, he was made aware of them before,so she's in for an operation to have them removed probably this week sometime. I don't know about all your vets but ours now does a routine " poo check " before an operation. After we left the vets Friday armed with a little bottle for " poo colection " I was armed and ready for action. I didn't have to wait long before she supplied me with some evidence. The magic brown stuff has to be collected for 3 days then it goes for checking to the lab for heartworm or lungworm, the worm has completely escaped me at the moment but I have my 3 days worth of samples. Tomorrow I'll take it to the vets then it gets sent out and if it's all clear she'll get booked in for her op. There have been 2 positive cases for the little worm in our area. If it comes back with worm evidence she has to be treated for that before the op goes ahead, nasty blighters these worms. Garden doing ok and veggies coming along ok. Glad the really hot weather has gone, way too much for me. I have actually managed to prize the electric blanket from my bed to wash it, just hope the temperature doesn't drop too much or blanky gets put back on the bed pretty damn quick. Signing off, love to hear from anyone out there. Will catch up with a few blogs later, Linda x

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Jumble sale today, Hurra

Hi all. As the title says, mum and I went to a jumble sale today and I bought a few bits. Saffy has been scratching a lot so I bought her some drop stuff to put on the back of her neck from Tesco a few weeks ago but I don't think it's much good as it hasn't helped so today hubby bought the proper Frontline from the vets over £40 worth. She had a bath the other week and I never see any fleas but I did find a tick just on the top of her ear this morning. I won't be able to get it off as it's so tiny, it must have only been on a few days.I want to keep an eye on it now to see if it comes off because of the treatment. After we came back mum said she fancied going out to lunch so the 3 of us went to Secretts and I'm a bit full now. After lunch we had a look round Homebase and B&Q before coming home. The weather wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be BUT at least it's not raining and some of the washing is dry. Yesterday was warmer and I took Saffy out with me and I had to do my 3 x 1 min jogs and she was a very unhappy bunny. When I told her to step up the pace she dragged on the lead. I won't take her with me again if I can't get out early when it's hot. Think that's all for now, Linda x

Monday, 14 June 2010

zonked yesterday

Hi all, as I mentioned on the last blog I was getting all sniffy and sneezy, well yesterday I took a tablet to help hayfever and I could barely stay awake. I'd been looking forward to the tennis but couldn't keep my eyes open for it, couldn't keep my eyes open for the F1 either so at 7.30 pm I went to bed. I can only put it down to the tablet as I've been fine today. When I went to bed early last night I slept until 10.30 pm then I can't remember when I woke next. All I can say, it's was a good job it wasn't a work day and they were supposed to be non drowsy. Started off a nice day today but it got very dark and we've had a fair few spits and spots of rain this afternoon. I'm trying some of that grass seed mix as seen on the TV as I'm trying to tidy up the grass where it's very patchy in places, have to see how it works. Think that's all for now, Linda x

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Today Saturday

Hi all, what a nice afternoon it turned out to be. I've been so busy today. This morning I gave Saffy a good brush, comb, trim then gave her a bath. Took her out for a walk later and I did another 3 one minute jogs,that's as much as I can manage for the minute, when I got in did 10 press ups and 10 stomach crunchies, hope to continue with the last 2 as well. Did a big cook up of chicken, mince and pork and will be freezing them after and I managed to get 11 meals in total. Cut the grass and did some chipping and chopping and watched a bit of tennis too. I've noticed now I'm getting very sniffy and sneezy when out in the garden and out with Saffy so now I'm taking some nose spray to see if this helps ward off any more hay fever symptoms. Got a craft fair next month so I've ordered some smellies for the bath bombs as I seem to have the consistancy correct but must work on the scent side of things, as I couldn't have been adding enough as they were too wishy washy smell wise. No jumble sales today for us so have to see if there are any next week. Looking forward to Wimbledon in the next couple of weeks. Not really interested in the footie though, but will watch the finals at Queens tomorrow and probably the F1 as well. Signing off now, love to all, Linda x

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Watching tennis

Hi all, not working today so watching a bit of tennis. Placed an order yesterday for my new car. It's a Citroen C3 a nice new shiny new one. Looking forward to getting the new learners in it and seeing what they say. Today when I took Saffy out for a walk I broke into 3 1 minute jogs as it's all part of my fitness regime. I now do a lot of walking and keep upping the pace so the other day that's when I first broke into a jog.I just hope nothing aches tomorrow. Have made some changes to my driving school website as it was a bit difficult to focus on the name, it certainly made my eyes boggle. Had some more enquiries about lessons so hopefully the new advertising is begining to work. I'll keep it short today so keep safe and well all in blogland, Linda x

Monday, 7 June 2010

My goodness and yes I'm still alive

Well I can't believe I've not been around for so long. I hope everyone is fine and dandy and thanks for anyone who reads this. I went away on a 3 night cruise on the 30th May until the Wednesday. We went to Belgium and it was cold and rainy and the Tuesday we were in France and guess what........yes, it was cold and rainy. Despite the rotten weather hubby and I had a lovely time, ate WAY TOO MUCH though, felt a bit of a bloater. Didn't buy any Belgian chocs but we did treat ourselves to a coffee and waffles, very tasty but quite expensive. As I write this it's raining outside but it was way too hot for me on Saturday, just didn't feel like doing anything and poor old Saffy wasn't impressed either. Anyone in blogland trying to get fit. I've taken to doing a lot of walking either with or without Saffy and I'm quite pleased with my progress as I can now walk fast without getting out of breath and can do the same route at a better time. Today I actually broke into a very short jog and I do mean a short jog. There are some nice fields I can wander across and there is one in particular where I turn the Ipod up reasonably loud ( have to worry about the hearing though ) and do a quick march across it flapping my arms as I go. It must look funny but there isn't usually anyone about and I'm not that bothered really. Anyway, I think that's enough for now, take care all, signing off, Linda x

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Been a long time

Hi all, time now 21.00 and I can't believe how long it is since I wrote last. Ashes to Ashes...watched it last Friday and I was so disappointed at the ending I could hardly speak. Went over and over it in my mind, went on different forums to see what others thought of it and most people didn't like it much either. On the Sunday I watched it again on Iplayer and as I knew what was coming I paid more attention to it and the 2nd time around I didn't mind it and I must admit to shedding a tear when Bolly entered the pub to go to heaven.The was way tooooooooo hot for me on the weekend and on Monday. Tuesday was just right for me and today it was back to longer sleeves again as I was a bit cold, there can't be blood in my veins, that's why they have so much trouble trying to get it out for blood tests.I had lots of tests over the last few days and I'm fully What a relief, I'd already put myself on life saving drugs and changing my lifestyle, this is all in my head by the way. The pc has been playing up so hardly been able to get online so terrible withdrawal symptoms there as well, honestly what would we do without our pc's, I dread to think. Signing off, Linda x

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sunday, time now 18.38

Hi all, just for a change it's raining and I mean tipping it down. Had a nice cuppa in bed this morning brought in by hubby. Cooked a BLT for mum and full English for hubby then fed myself. After breaky Saffy and I went for a nice walk and when we got to the field I did a march across it for a good bit of exercise, plus more singing. Finished the ironing in the summerhouse but no music this time, I watched Ashes to Ashes again, still can't figure out what it's all about, roll on Friday when we find out. I hope it has a good ending and not one that makes you think what a waste of time that was. Off to try another couple of bath bombs in a minute then just got my nails to do before my hospital visit tomorrow. Only a short blog tonight. The blanket I was talking about yesterday was my electric blanket, I just love getting into a warm bed. Bye for now, Linda x

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Saturday evening

Evening all, as Dixon of Dock Green used to say. Weather been quite good today, no rain so it must be good. Mum and I went to Cranleigh yesterday to have a look at the charity shops and I thought they would be expensive but they weren't which was a surprise. We both bought a pair of shoes, mine were walking ones and I had them on when I took Saffy out today and they were great and so comfy, mums were silver for her cruising holidays.Mum and I went to a table top sale today but I think we missed out as it looked like 3 cars in the car park so we decided not to go in, after thinking about it the people were probably inside, some you win, some you don't. Hubby and I went to Starbucks today as we both received coupons for free coffees, so when it's free I feel the need to take advantage of that fact. I took a lot of ironing to the summerhouse and listened to some music while getting on with it. It's a good job no one can see me as I was pracing around when certain records came on and singing at the top of my voice, joy. The Adam Lambert CD is great if you can take a listen to it. I didn't see him on American Idol as I don't watch it but the CD is great and if you take a look at the video of "For your entertainment" I think it's the best thing since sliced bread, if you do take a look let me know what you think. Might go and put my blanket on, yes I still do and love it, and find a new book to start.Going now, Linda x

Monday, 10 May 2010

Hi all

Hello everyone, not much happening except still waiting for an outcome of the election, what a farce IMHO. All plants and veggies in but what's happened to the sun, perhaps I just answered my own question, I put my hands up it's all my fault. If I pull all my plants up again perhaps the sun will come out. Mind you I do remember saying a couple of weeks ago that could have been summer, looks like I may have been right. I did a fair yesterday, not good. Can't give any figures as I don't want to depress myself again. Next one is in July at a college so hopefully more peeps through the doors as parents usually support their children.Still making bath bombs and I have so much " bath fairy dust " and a couple of normal ones as well. Found out that the scent has to measured but that's ok now. Will soon be at the stage when I get people to test a few for me. 2 people at the fair yesterday were selling bath bombs so I had a chat with them and they both said it's trial and error at getting the mixture just right. I had one in the bath Saturday and the colour was really dark I can't make that mistake again but the one last night I used whizzed round the bath like a goodun. Hubby just arrived home so better sign off and get him something to eat. Hope all is well for you out in blogland, take care and don't get lost or stolen, Linda x

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Polling day today

Hi all,voted today and time now 23.06 might watch a bit about it on the tv shortly but not for long. I can't believe how cold it's turned, we had the heating on the other evening. Been making sure my new little plants are watered and hoeing around them to keep the weeds away. Today I had another blood test, not nice. I told the vampire, sorry, lady that it's difficult to get blood out of me, similar to a stone, but she started on the right arm and gave up then did the same on the left arm but I did spare her a few drops from that arm and now have a lovely bruise to show for it.Goodness knows what they're testing me for but should have the results back by about wednesday so if there's a problem I'll know then if they ask me to make a doctors appointment.I've been busy making bath bombs and bath dust and this evening tried another receipe a bit different to the others so will test them in a day or two. Don't think I'll have all the paperwork ready to take anything to the fair on Sunday, will have to wait and see.I've just gone and put my blanket on for about 10 mins on number 9 so it should be nice and warm for me to jump into shortly. Signing off now, take care, Linda x

Sunday, 2 May 2010

I made " bath crumbs " today

Hi all. Today I thought I'd make a couple of bath bombs as I now have my certificate, but I made the mixture too wet and now I have a lovely smelling kitchen and a load of "bath crumbs". I'll use them in the bath when I can demould one 1/2 as I couldn't get it out of the mould and use the other bits as I go. Tomorrow is another day as the saying goes when I'll try again, fingers crossed for better results. No gardening today as it's been wet all day. Regardless of the weather tomorrow I'll be putting my tomato plants out. A bit of a miserable day today but I did manage to get my things priced up for next weeks fair, so it wasn't a complete waste.Think I might watch Lewis later on as I like it and I read he may have a love interest in these episodes, ah bless. Think I'll sign off now and check some blogs. Bye for now, Linda x

Friday, 30 April 2010

Friday, it's been a while

Hi all, I didn't realize it had been this long since I blogged last. Been busy buying plants and getting them in the ground, they look a bit lonely at the moment but when they bush out they should look great. Mum planted a couple of hanging baskets so looking forward to some flowers there. We've planted pansies, I really love them at the moment, snapdragons and margarites, kept it to a mostly white and yellow theme. We got some more pansies in homebase for £1 for a box full so hopefully we can get them planted along with the tomato plants over the weekend. I gave the grass it's first cut of the year on Thursday and it's now looking a bit more like a garden rather than a builders yard after the work we've been doing over the last few months. It's bank holiday weekend so guess what.........the weather is supposed to be rubbish, quell surprise. Saffron finally finished the chew in the picture and it didn't take her long at all really. My pupil who passed her test recently is coming over tomorrow so we can catch up with her latest happenings. Now is the time to watch for fleas and ticks on our pets, not found any on Saffy but she does usually get a few ticks, nasty little blood, sucking, vampire things those. Finally got my driving school www up and running, nothing fancy but at least " I'm out there ". Signing off now as I must do my nails, Linda x

Monday, 26 April 2010

Saffy and her chew

Hi all. Not been working today so mum and I went to sains homebase for some growbags for repotting a couple of large plants. When we got home we had to transplant a couple of hebes that were potbound. I bought in memory of when my girls died. When we finally got them out of the tubs they had a radical hair cut, my term for a good prune then took a lot of the old roots away then re planted them. The 2 holes we dug were almost big enough to bury someone in, ok a slight exaggeration there on my part. Later in the evening I cut the grass and we both did some chipping and a chopping as I call it.More trips to the dump to get rid of the garden waste, I think there are 4 bags in the shed ready to go.If you look at the latest picture of Saffron you can see the chew hubby and I bought for her at Crufts.She has managed to eat about 2/3rds of it but she has given it up for now. I have run my bath so I must get into it as I'm a bit worried that I'll seize up in a minute. I'm still having my electric blanket on every evening and I probably will for sometime yet, it's lovely. I didn't do any painting in the summerhouse yesterday as I was busy with ironing and other things not that I can remember what they were. Back to work tomorrow. Signing off now,Linda

Friday, 23 April 2010

Today Friday

Hello there everyone in blog land. I've had a couple of busy days. Yesterday mum and I went to the nursery to pick up some paving slabs and stopped off for a cuppa, then we dropped off a cheque for a fair in November,next to the bank then home for lunch. Next a trip to homebase for a few plants then I think we'd had enough. I tried something slightly different for dinner for hubby and mum, macaroni cheese with spring onions and cherry tomatoes, they both said it was nice. I was debating whether to get ready for bed or come up on the pc but decided to go shopping instead at 20.40 to sains although they close at 22.00. Mum said she's get changed and come too. Off we trot and managed to get most things although there wasn't much veg about at that time. So another trip to tescos tomorrow. Came back and unpacked and in bed by about 11pm. Today I did something really stupid. I put the bin out last night with the recycling and before I took Saffy out this morning I saw the recycling had been done so I brought the bins in. Went over the common with Saffy and as I came home saw the bin men up the road just having emptied the wheelie bins, silly me had brought mine in before it was done, another trip to the dump tomorrow as well, I still can't believe what I did. Been painting the summerhouse as well and will be doing more all over the weekend, about 3 hrs seem to be my limit at the moment.What fab weather we're having, great for doing the washing, but my ironing will have to be done in shifts as I have so many shirts to iron. Signing off now and will catch up with a few other blogs. Have a safe and happy weekend one and all, Linda x

Monday, 19 April 2010

Just relaxing

Hi all, had the blood tests done, will have to wait to pick up the results when they are ready and take when I have my hospital appointment. After the blood test I came home and had a cuppa and breakfast as this was a fasting blood test so I was desperate for my tea. Mum and I went to sains and I was in the queue for a coffee when we were told to evacuate the store, don't know what the trouble was but will find out as it will probably be in the local paper.I'm just having a sit down as my knees are sore after yesterday. Lovely day again and mum is watering the tubs in the garden and I'm just sitting here with my feet up watching her.Don't fancy doing much for the rest of the day until dinner time. Signing off, take care all and I hope the stranded people get back sometime soon. Linda

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunday evening

Evening all, been busy today. After breakfast took Saffy out then came back and started painting in the summerhouse. I had to do a window, some of the door frames and the skirting boards. Spent about 4 hours up there then decided I'd had enough of making my poor knees suffer and almost being upside down doing the skirting, so called it a day. Will have to keep going back to it until it's finished. My cousin came to see us yesterday as he had a job nearby, it was good to catch up as we haven't seen him for a long time. He and his wife were due to fly out to Spain in the morning but not now due to the problems. The weather was lovely again today but no time for gardening until I've finished painting. Mum did a bit of gardening and hubby was busy with paving slabs. Managed to get Saffron over the field this evening as the horses were in the 3rd field as I don't like to get too close to them as I don't know how Saffy would take to them. Last week I made a beaded spectacle holder and it was quite fiddly but I'm pleased with it.Off to the hospital in the morning for some blood tests, Linda x

Friday, 16 April 2010

Charity shops in Godalming

Hi there everyone, been visiting the charity shops in Godalming today but disappointed again, only bought 2 small jewellery items. Mum and I went to Secretts for lunch, enjoyed an egg mayo bagette each. After that we hit Sains for food shopping, oh what a busy and exciting life we live. Checked the Surrey ad and guess what.......there is a magic jumble sale on at 10.30, hurra, roll on. Need to do a cook up or 2 over the weekend and freeze and must do a bit of painting.Talking about freezing , I defrosted the freezer today and I think I must have done it in record time. I do cheat a bit though as I use the hairdryer, very carefully I hasten to add. Hubby and mum have both got coughs and colds so I'm trying to keep my distance. I hope no one was supposed to fly out in the last day or two due to the massive cloud of ash. Take care all, have a nice weekend, Linda x

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Saffron is a birthday girl

Hi all,as the title says she is 7 today. The picture is of her when she had been with us for a few days aged roughly 8 weeks. I've just done a bit of pavement pounding with her and as a treat she got a few extra bits throughout the day. I caught up with my ex pupil today and we had lunch at her place and gave each other the latest gossip. Bless, she's been out and about like it's going out of fashion, there's no stopping her now. Been cold again today and when you were outside there was quite a cold wind, never mind summer should be here soon, we can live in hope.Just going for a cuppa now so this is a short one you lucky people. Linda

Monday, 12 April 2010

Been busy today

Hi all, as I said last night I was busy today. I made about 4 thong necklaces with various pendants on and 2 seed bead spectacle holders. The glass holders are a bit of a fiddle and the number of times I dropped seed beads on the floor are too many to remember. I gave up trying to find them in the end and just hovered them up. I've been cold all day, well there's a surprise. I've got 3 hrs work tomorrow then I'm off to see my pupil who passed on Friday for a cuppa. I've got a card for her and will buy her a nice bunch of flowers. I'm so tired so I'm going to sign off and have a lovely hot bath and go to bed early and read. Bye for now, Linda x

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Car boot sale

Evening all. Mum and I did go to the car boot today and it was huge, bigger than it ever was before, in total we were out for 3 hours. We both got a few bits so we were happy. I took my ironing up to the summerhouse today and got on with it listening to music and having a dance around in the process, really had a great time. I never got round to making any necklaces this weekend but I should have the house to myself tomorrow so will be busy making a mess making necklaces then. It was quite chilly today and at the moment I'm freezing so I must finish here and put my blanket on. Just watched Foyles War. I do like that programme but it also made me feel sad about the people coming back after the war and what they came back to and as the chap in the programme said " what was it all for ". I don't really know much about the war as we weren't taught it at school, perhaps children should know what went on and then they may respect the older generation that fought for their freedom, won't go on about that here as I could be here for a long time if I start. Signing off now, night, night all, Linda x

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Saturday evening.

Evening all, first bit of news, my favourite pupil passed her test yesterday, I really don't know who is the more pleased. Have been in for about 1/2 hr as mum treated the 3 of us to dinner at the Refectory, Milford and very nice it was too. What another fab day, weather wise wasn't it. Have now got my facebook page up and running but what a struggle it's been. It must have taken me about 8 hrs in total and lots of pleading for help as I couldn't get the facebook page to come up on my blog. I got so upset last night after going around in circles for about 2 hrs that I had to shut down the pc and go to bed and read.I was planning on making necklaces today but have been too busy. No tea in bed this morning as I was awake at 5am and was still awake at 6.17 so decided to get up. Saffy and I were over the common at 9.30 and most of the time I'm still in bed at this time. I think mum and I were in Tescos about 10.30, so early for us. I was going to make prawn cocktails for Mike and mum tonight but as we went out for dinner they will have them tomorrow. For lunch they can have the paninis I didn't cook today either. Hope all is well for all you fellow bloggers and anyone who has been at craft fairs, I hope it was worth your while. Signing off now, Linda x

Thursday, 8 April 2010

What a lovely day today

Hi all and what a gorgeous day it was today.Mum and I went to Dorking to hit the charity shops but for the first ever, since going there we didn't buy a thing. What seems to be happening now is they are buying in new stuff and selling it and it's not cheap either.We were very disappointed. My new bits and pieces arrived today so will be playing on the weekend with my new crimpers and crimp beads. Aren't the crimp beads tiny little things. I've got a test for tomorrow with my favourite pupil and I would love to see her pass, fingers crossed. If she does pass I hope we can stay in touch though.I took Saffy over the common today but you really need wellies but at least it's a bit better now. I've been trying to do a facebook page but what a difficult thing it's been for me. I promised myself an early night last night as I didn't get much sleep the night before but it was after midnight when I hit the pillow. I managed to do a facebook personal page but then wanted another one for Folksy and when I finished doing bits of it I couldn't find it. I got a lot of help then had to ask for more today, hopefully now I'm done. Will be working on it over the weekend. If anyone would like to take a look or fan me, feel free. If you hear screaming and shouting in the Surrey area be warned, it's me.Signing off now, Linda x

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Evening all

Hi there all you lovely bloggers in blogland. What a miserable day today, cold and damp. Received a few more bits in the post yesterday and today but the main lot should arrive tomorrow then I'll be busy making some more things. I bought a pair of magic crimpers so I can't wait to have a go. I set up a Facebook page yesterday and I'm afraid I put out a plee for peeps as I was sitting there like " Billy no mates " and now I have 9 friends. All I have to do now is work out how to be friends back, I don't know all these cyber space thingies. This morning at 2.41am I woke up after being asleep for about 2 hrs as I thought I heard the heating on and I felt the radiator and sure enough it was. Dragged myself out of bed and went downstairs to turn it off. Back to bed for another 2 hrs sleep then awake again in yet another 1hr, I feel knackered at the moment and looking forward to getting into a nice warm bed later and reading my book. Won't be in bed late tonight and will leave hubby a message to turn the heating off. Will try and add a couple of new pictures in the next day or 2. Signing off now to go and make a cuppa. Linda x

Monday, 5 April 2010

Did cooking, gardening and dog walking

Hi all in blogland hope you had a peaceful and pleasant holiday. I managed to get my cook up done and frozen yesterday so now the freezer is pretty full but needs defrosting, it'll have to wait until it's emptied a bit. Saffy has been having nice long pavement pounding walks as the common and fields are filthy and very bog like. I managed to get out into the garden today and did a bit of chipping and a chopping as I call it then more walkies for Saffy. I did a nice roast dinner for hubby and mum yesterday and they both had something I cooked yesterday for their dinners today.Over the last couple of days I've managed to make about 4 pairs of earrings, 2 or 3 bracelets a couple of bookmarks and now I'm waiting for my necklace bits and pieces to arrive so I can get going on those. I've bought a pair of magical crimpers so can't wait to play with those. Mum and I got up and ready to go to the car boot yesterday on the A3 only to find it had been cancelled as the field was too wet and soggy. We ummed and aard about going somewhere else but decided to go home and I got on with my cooking.Going now, take care, Linda x

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Seems like an age

Hi all, it seems like an age since I blogged last. I've been busy looking for a few fairs to do in the next couple of months and so far I'm planning to do 2.Yesterday was a foul day weather wise so the 3 of us went to Cranleigh for lunch to a garden centre then we trotted off to hobbycraft for a look round, I must say I found it a bit expensive for what I was looking for.Caught up on a bit of tv in the evening and that was it for Good Friday.Just remembered mum and I went to Brookwood to see if the bead shop was open and it wasn't, shame, but there was one charity shop open that we visited. Today hubby and I were going on a test drive but it wasn't for the new Micra as it isn't being launched until October time,will go back then. After that we decided to go to Sains for a coffee. While we were in there decided to get some paninis so I could cook them for lunch. Watched some of the Grand Prix qualifying but want to go to a car boot if it's not raining tomorrow as there were no jumble sales this weekend.Going to be busy doing cook ups tomorrow then freezing what I've cooked. This is great for during the week if I work late ,having something already cooked just needing warming up.We didn't buy each other eggs this year we just bought a few of our favourite chocs instead.Don't know if any gardening will get done as I think the weather forecast isn't great, have to wait and see.Well everyone enjoy your Easter and try not to eat so many Easter eggs that you make yourselves ill. To all of you that have been to craft fairs this weekend I hope you did well.Linda x

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I'm freezing and it's summer time

Hello to one and all. As I write this I'm freezing and as the title says " it's summertime " well, in clock speak anyway. Today whilst out with pupils we had 2 lots of hailstones. I've got 3 layers on my top half and I'm still cold, might go and put my blanket on and get into a lovely warm bed.I had a girl pupil on test today and it was her first attempt but she failed. As she approached a roundabout she didn't really see the oncoming car signalling and she almost drove into the side of a nice Merc, the examiner had to dual brake her, shame but there's always the next time. Have been looking at ways to improve my jewellery displays for fairs and have been given a few ideas to try. Only one more day to work then I've got 5 days off. Going to take the new Micra for a test drive on Saturday so I hope there will be a jumble sale in the afternoon or late morning, don't think I can cope without a jumble sale to kick start the weekend. Been reading more horror stories about money disappearing from peoples bank accounts so checked mine earlier and touch wood so far all ok. After I had given hubby and mum their dinners I took Saffy out pavement pounding as she hasn't been out for a couple of days because of the bad weather. I've booked another fair for May so will have to get making a few more things. Bye for now, keep safe and keep warm, Linda x

Monday, 29 March 2010

Busy weekend

Hiya everyone, been a bit busy so here's an update. Up early Saturday for a jumble sale and it was a top notch one too, bought lots of stuff. In the evening getting bits and pieces ready for our craft fair on Sunday at Frimley.The venue was lovely in the Frimley Hotel at Camberley.Free tea and coffee all day and about lunch time there were free scones laid out for everyone. There was a steady footfall all day, a bit quiet at lunchtime then steady again. They charged £2.50 for entrance but still people came in so it wasn't too bad. We took £64 which was ok as it only took us about 25 mins to get there and it was nice and warm. It wasn't just handmade so we were selling small gifts and some craft items we don't want anymore.Today I did my first mystery shop visit. I've been hanging out for a really easy one to start with then on Friday I got a call saying this was urgent and could I do it, There were 9 pages of things to do, talk about jump in the deep end, so today I did my thing.It was ok but I was worried about remembering names and other things but I think I did ok, have to see. After my visit mum and I went for a cuppa while I got busy writing everything down so not to forget. We hit the charity shops in Godalming then went for lunch. I'm so full now shouldn't really eat for a week, but that will last until the morning.We've been watching Most Haunted from Prague and I've been soooo scared, NOT. Still got last nights one to watch as I went to bed early after the craft fair.Back to work tomorrow but this week is a short one as it's Easter weekend. Off to choir soon and tonight is the last one. I'm busy trying to learn a few words, but I've got as much chance of that that flying to the moon in the next 10 mins. Signing off now, Linda x

Friday, 26 March 2010

Cost of a car service

Hi all, car servicing isn't cheap is it. It cost hubby £234.16 for a 2 year service for my car. After the car went in mum and I went to Woking for a look round but not too much there really if you're not clothes shopping. I've been catching up with a few blogs today and the fairs seem to be going quite well for people. Mum and I will be doing one on Sunday but it's not handmade only so we'll be selling some of our craft items that we no longer use, as well as some bookmarks and bracelets, fingers crossed. Bought a couple of bits in the charity shops so I'll be pulling them to pieces shortly. Watched Most Haunted Live last night and as usual it almost sent me to sleep. They are coming live from Prague for 4 nights. The city really looks lovely and would like to visit some time in the future.From the stories they were telling last night it has a grim past. I must admit it is a great show for winding down to and getting the zzzzzzzzzzzz going.Signing off now, take care all, Linda x

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Raining again

Hi all, just had my linner, it's a combo of lunch and dinner as I only usually eat 2 meals a day. I'm between lessons at the moment and have another couple before finishing at 6pm this evening. What a surprise, it's raining here again just for a change. The daffs have come out in a couple of pots in the garden, very pretty and it adds a nice splash of colour. Starting to get things ready for a fair on Sunday, fingers crossed people turn up, I'll let you know how it goes either Sunday or Monday. Car booked in for a service tomorrow so mum and I will have a look round Woking for a couple of hours. Haven't been there for a while so don't know how many charity shops are available for us to have a nose around.Off for a cuppa now, love to all in blogland, Linda x

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Evening all, I'm cold at the moment so have put my electric blanket on and will get snuggled up in a minute. I've recovered from the weekend now but it's been raining for most of the day so a bit fed up. On Saturday I won £10 on the lotto and £5 on thunderball, I can't decide what to spend all that money on, ha ha. Mind you if I won a miilion I wouldn't tell anyone that's for sure. Choir practice was good last night, really enjoyed it and we started on a new song only problem.......lots of dance moves. Got a craft fair coming up on Sunday, so everything crossed for that. I've started taking Aloe Vera as a drink every day as I read good things about it and Saffy is having a dessert spoon as well, mind you it tastes a bit foul. Not much else to say really as I've been working today. I'll sign off for now, hope all is well in blogland. Off to bed now, night, night everyone, Linda x

Monday, 22 March 2010

Poole and Bournemouth

Hi all, after our trip to Monkey World and the Tank Museum, the following day, Friday, we went to Swanage to find a bench on the pier that had a plaque with my fathers' name on. He was a lifelong diver and they put the name plate on after he died, as a rememberance. The weather was dreadful, really misty and raining, we found the bench then had a look around Swanage but there isn't too much there. We then decided to go Poole and we spent the rest of the day in and out of charity shops, well I did anyway, hubby tagged along and we were ducking and diving out of the rain. After breakfast on Saturday we thought we'd go to Bournemouth and have a walk along the beach. It was tipping it down and it must have been a force 8 gale, alright slight exaggeration on my part, force 7 then. I've put a couple of pictures here of us with all our gear on fighting the wind and rain. It was a 45 min walk from the car park to the town centre then we hit the shops, then another 45 min walk back to the car park. In the car park there was a restaurant so we had a quick bite to eat then we left for home. It took about 2 hrs in all. It was a nice break but back to work on Tuesday.Back to normal Sunday with cooking, cleaning and dog walking. Bye for now off to wash my hair and get ready for choir later. Linda x

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Monkey World

Hi all, one quick answer for someone, I was looking around at Crufts, not showing. We are back now from our couple of days away and our visit to Monkey World. We have been watching the programme for a while now and part of my Christmas present from my mum was a trip to Monkey World and 2 nights in a premier inn all meals included. We had originally booked for January but that's when the snow came and we got snowed in. After getting up on Thursday and as the weather was nice we decided to go straight to M W so roughly 2hrs later we arrived. Had a quick cuppa and bite to eat then for a good look around. The food was very nice, the place was lovely and clean and the park itself was much bigger than we thought it would be. It might be very different in school holiday times though when it will be busier.We saw all the favourites from the programme and I'll add a couple of pictures including the cages the 90 capachin monkeys were in, some for 20yrs before they were rescued and brought to the park. They now have a really wonderful enclosure. I don't visit zoos although they have changed since I was young as I'm not a lover of caged animals but this is different and it was lovely to see them in such a lovely place. I'll be writing to M W telling them how much we enjoyed our visit. When we left there we went to the tank museum and when we came out of there it was raining and continued for the rest of the time we were away, not that anything stops us doing what we want to. I'll tell you about the next couple of days tomorrow. Hope all is well in blogland, Linda x

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Hard 2 days

Hi all, it's been a hard couple of days work wise as I had to get as many of my pupils lessons done in a short time. I just managed to get through to the end of today without losing my voice. Hubby and I are off to Poole tomorrow for a couple of days and we are going to Monkey world in Dorset, can't wait to see them. We watch the programme when it's on and they are all rescue monkeys, some of the stories are very sad. Hubby wants to go to the Bovington Tank museum, again, been there about 3 or 4 times already. Went to choir practice on Monday but left about 1/2 through as I was miming as I had to make sure I had my voice for lessons on Tuesday. Signing off now but must mention, mum and I will be going cold turkey on Saturday as we won't be going to any jumble sales, I'm in shock already. Bye for now, take care all, Linda x

Monday, 15 March 2010

Ok, I cried

Hi all, back from my trip to Crufts and while watching the Irish Setters, I DID stand and cry, I admit it. It was lovely to see them all and then we saw the other 3 breeds of setters. It didn't seem quite as busy this year as you didn't have to fight to reach the stands with elbows at the ready. All I bought was an Irish Setter mug which probably won't get used but get put away in my cabinet in the kitchen. Had a nice time away and today after breakfast hubby and I went to Stratford Upon Avon and the weather was lovely and the sun shone while we walked along the river. Went in a couple of charity shops but they were very expensive, just as well I didn't see anything I wanted to buy. In one shop they had a Versace jacket priced at £450.00, I have no idea how much these things cost but it was a lovely jacket and I must look it up online when I've finished here. I'm off now as Saffron is demanding her dinner. Bye for now, Linda x

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Hi all, from birthday girl.

hi there one and all. Had a busy day today, not one but 2 jumble sales today. The first one at 10.30, bought a few bits then off to Sains for a cuppa. Home in time to get Saffy over the field for a nice run then the 2nd jumble sale at 2.30, big Q to go into this one plus we were a bit late. Bought this little item and wondered what I could do with it, then hey presto something to hang earrings on for pictures, cost me about 20p I think. Home again and another run over the field for Saffy then got going on a roast chicken dinner for hubby and mum. Woke up about 6.30 am this morning coughing like a goodun so had to get up for some cough medicine. I only bought some cheap stuff the other day but I don't think it was very good so mum bought me some Benylin today,special birthday treat she said, :) :) :) lucky me, mind you it did taste ok. Hubby gave me £10 for all my jumble sales so I've still got loads left. Up early in the morning as we want to get away about 8ish, but will make salads and sandwiches to take with, don't mind buying a cuppa though. Normally on my birthday I don't do a lot but I've been busy today simply as I won't be cooking or doing much tomorrow. The throat is better now but still got my cough but now I can talk all day, lucky mum and hubby. At the jumble sale I also got some boot trees which I'm hoping to sell on, fingers crossed. Bye for now, will let you know how crufts goes in a couple of days. Love Linda x

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Something different

Hi all, thought I'd do something different today and talk about my 1st craft fair. It was about 2 yrs ago and it was in Tetbury,Glos. table cost £40 so hubby and I thought we'd make a weekend of it. We went up just outside Tetbury on the friday and found out where we were due to be the next morning then had a nice meal and enjoyed our evening away. Next morning we were away bright and early and didn't have breakfast as it was too early, got to the fair and unloaded, all very good, we waited and waited and waited. Need I say more.Few people trickled in and out during the day. This was when I was making cards and I sold 1 card for £3.00 and that was it. Table £40, fuel,hotel, meal and room must have been close to £80 - £100. Very out of pocket on that one. Met some new people though and got an idea how fairs would be and they could only get better. I don't make cards anymore and wouldn't pay £40 for a table now either. On the day only a couple of people made the table money back and I think some people didn't sell anything. There was a charity shop nearby and a lot of us were popping in and out of there as it was so quiet. I was disappointed to say the least but I do still do fairs and have one in a couple of weeks. My mum still makes cards but we have loads that are in the loft that we use for family and still take a few to fairs.Just before Christmas hubby and mum took it in turns to come with me to 3 fairs and we did them in November and all were a success, so if you are in a similar position as I was, don't give up as it can work out and it is fun. Update on not feeling well in case anyone in blogland reads this. I did 2 lessons yeserday but had to cancel the rest as I got such a blinding headache and took to my bed. Today I managed 1 lesson but had to cancel the others as my voice gave up. I'm hoping I'm better in the next day or 2 as it's my birthday and am off to crufts on Sunday. Saffy will be nana sitting and visa versa. Off to make a cuppa now. Bye all, Linda x

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Not well today

Hi all, as the title says not well today. I didn't go to choir practice last night as I felt unwell and I was in bed by about 20.15. I cancelled my lessons today and have been dosing up with cold tablets, cough medicine and throat tablets and kept nice and warm all day so tomorrow I'll be better for work.I've archived my old blogs so hopefully when I go to find them they are still there, if not I'll probably cry. I've added a couple of cards my mum made me for my birthday Sunday, and a mothers day card. Yes we send cards to each other from our pets as I'm sure lots of you other dog and cat people do too. In the mothers day card Saffron has run up her debt even further and borrowed £5 from her nan. The amount of money that girl owes is unbelievable and she doesn't stand a chance of ever paying a penny back to any of us. The 3 cards all consist of Irish Setters and they came from last years Irish Setter calendar, clever idea that. I hope you can get an idea what they are like from the picture,I love them anyway. Not done anything else at all today. Mum took Saffy out for a walk this morning and I did venture into the garden once with Saffron.Signing off now got to get warm again and I'm off to make a cuppa tea,Linda x

Monday, 8 March 2010

An early one from me today

Hi all. After a walk in the bitter cold over the field with Saffy mum and I went to Dorking to hit the charity shops. Our normal 1st stop was closed due to a refurb then as it was cold we thought we'd have a cuppa. We did all the charity shops and I bought the lady stand thing for £4.50 which I didn't think was bad, not as cheap as £1 but such is life,see picture and it will come in handy for fairs, I've got 2 now. We had lunch out then headed for home. I've still got the sniffs and dodgy throat and didn't have a very good nights sleep either. Choir tonight then I think an early night is called for. Signing off now, Linda x

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Time now 19.38

Evening all. Saffy and I had 2 over the field walks today in the beautiful sunshine, hasn't it been glorious. Last week I put a tumbler compost bin on freecycle, I think it was and today I got a call to see if it was still available. The chap and his wife came and collected it and I showed them a water butt I had as well in the garden and they took that too, so that was a worthwhile trip for them. I didn't want anything for them so it was good they went somewhere rather than the dump. Been busy making a couple of things today and did some ironing earlier and will get back to it after my cuppa tea.For the last couple of days had a bit of a sore throat and today had the sniffs, hope the throat feels a bit better tomorrow for the singing in the evening. After Most Haunted last night went to bed and fell asleep PDQ, if anyone is suffering from sleep problems give it a go it might help :). Think I'm stuck for anything else to say, that's a first, so I'd better sign off and get on with the ironing.Take care one and all, Linda x

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Busy day today

Hi all, time now 20.56 and another busy day today. The reason I'm putting the time is, I'm not quite sure what time or what country this works on. Mum and I went off to the jumble sale at 10.20 this morning but it didn't start until 11am but we needed to go the post office 1st. Bought a few bits to put by then after that we went to the charity shop in Old Woking and I bought a pretty necklace with a dolphin & I'm actually going to keep that one, then we stopped off at a garden centre and had tea and coffee. When we got back Saffy and I went over the field for a nice run, Saffy doing the running not me, then mum suggested we go out for a meal later on in the evening. Hubby been working today so when he got in about 5.55 he had a super quick shower and we were out of the house by 18.11 and on our way to the Beefeater at Woking. Been in about 20 mins. Going to get really frightened, not, in a minute when Most Haunted Live comes on and we'll have a cuppa then. I'll put a couple of recent makes on here as I don't want to bore people and say, done blog look what I made as it's a bit of a turn off, maybe once a week or once a fortnight isn't too bad. Well off now for that cuppa and to hide behind my hands as I'm that scared. Bye all, Linda x

Friday, 5 March 2010

I'm awake now

Hi all, slept for ages last night which is unusual for me as I'm usually awake after a couple of hours and so it goes on all through the night. After breakfast I took Saffy over the field for a nice long run, no pavement pounding today, but she did need her feet hosing down afterwards. Mum and I went to a charity shop and I bought a lovely bracelet for 50p so I'm just looking at the beads to see what I can put with them and remake. Had coffee in starbucks then off for a spot of food shopping. Nothing really exciting today. I've booked up for a fair at the end of the month in Camberley so that's not too far off, have to start getting things together. I think that's it for the minute but I've found a jumble sale for the morning. Night night one and all, Linda x

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Feeling tired

Hi all and as the title says feeling a bit tired. I didn't have any morning lessons so when I was ready this morning Saffy and I did the pavement pounding thing. One of the people on the craft forum was going to be at Guildford College today so I got organized and trotted off there about 12.20 only to be told she'd gone to lunch. Have since been on the forum and she hadn't gone to lunch but had gone to do something else. Either way we missed each other. Had my 2 lessons and that's probably what's worn me out. Nothing else to say really so this will be short for a change. Bye for now, Linda x

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Another old member of my family.

Evening all. You can see another picture I've added and this was Sherrie and she was my first Irish Setter and I actually got her in Northern Ireland in 1977. Sherrie lived to a lovely age of 15 years and 8 months. From the picture you can see how white their faces go. They usually go white around the eyes first then the rest of the face goes white. I managed to blow up my combi microwave oven last night after not keeping the dust away from the magnetron around the back. I did hoover the top of the oven and thought that was correct but it was the wrong thing I was cleaning. I did the same thing with my last one as well. I'm lost without that as I tend to eat jacket potatoes every day and cook it in the m/wave combi bit and cook a lot of veggies in the oven too. I came home after 2 lessons today and poured some milk in a jug added the sugar and went to reach for the m/wave just in time to remember, it lived no more. I did damn and blast a bit and then had to use the hob to warm the milk, what a time waster that is. Anyway arrived home about 19.30 ish to find another m/wave on the stand on the wall, hurra and double hurra. Jacket potatoes and coffee here I come again tomorrow and this time I know what to clean and I'll do it on a weekly basis. When I checked my blog earlier I was so pleased to find I've been awarded another Sunshine award. Jill from crafteecardz has awarded this one. I didn't know what to do before but I asked for help and received it so with this award I'm going to do what I have to and I want that flower on my blog, very pretty and colourful, mind you it might take me a couple of days to sort myself out. Thanks for the comments, keep them coming and I'm glad all you kitty people feel the same way about your cats as us doggy people. Think that's about enough for another day, I'm just going to sneek a peek at some of your blogs. By the way Saffron is still pretty clean as she has only been pavement pounding as the common is so water logged at the moment. Bye for now, take care, Linda x

Thank you once again Jill for my nomination.
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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

It's still daylight outstide and a lot about dogs.

Hi all and this is very early for me as it's still light outside. Had the couple of test drives mentioned the other day, so so, not sure about these 2 but now all the cars seem to merge into one. Have to pick a couple and go out in them again. Went to choir practice last night, very enjoyable and met the lady from week one and had a bit of a chat. What 2 glorious days we are having, lets make the most of it, this could be summer. Mum and I have just walked to a charity shop and I bought a necklace with seed beads so I'll break that up later and on the way back we stopped in a local church and had a cuppa. Got a couple of lessons later so back to the real world and try and earn some money. I've been looking at some of your blogs and all the ones with animals in win hands down everytime for me, especially the doggy kind. I've been around dogs since I was in a high chair when I was tiny as my grandad used to keep greyhounds. Life in my house isn't complete without a dog. They are hard work and before my mum came to live with us I never did more than 2 hrs work then I'd come home and check on the girls. I would love another dog or 2 but they are very expensive as it's not just the food it's all the insurance and things. Before Bracken was put to sleep last Feb her insurance was over £50 a month and she was on tablets over £30 a month. I think but most caring doggy people accept the cost as our pets our part of our family. A little story that you doggy people may understand. The first time I left my girls, I had the 3 in the picture at the time, I took them to the kennels and as we drove out of the gate I cried. I had to keep phoning the kennels to check they were ok and I think we were only going away for about 3 days. Our house is full of their pictures, you can't see anything much else on the pc for dogs as well. If I go anywhere and there is a dog I always have to go and say hello and hubby usually tells people I'm having my daily fix as I've left my dog at home. Oh dear I could go on for days on this subject but I think I'll sign off and go and have a bite to eat before work again. Hope I haven't bored too many people to death now. Take care, love Linda.x

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Received a Sunshine award today.

Evening all. I received a Sunshine award for my blog today but I think it may take me a while to get it organized I don't know if these things have a time limit or not, will have to look into it. Yet more rain today but Saffron did get her pavement pounding done from about 17.30 for an hour. We came home in the dark and she had her flashing thing on her collar going, ahh how cute, hubby said it looked like she was on a response call as it flashes blue and red. Managed to get my songs printed off all ready for tomorrow so now I'm ready,willing and able. Have managed to find a home for all the new beads and things I acquired over the weekend. Got a couple of test drives booked for the morning, a new shaped Polo and a Ford Fiesta. I've been a driving instructor for 20 yrs now and started my driving school business with a Fiesta so it will be interesting to see how they have come on. Both of the cars mentioned have had very good reviews from car mags. On friday while shopping I bought some mushroom pate, yummy I hear all you meat eaters saying, from a well known supermarket and yesterday with my salad I spead it on a rice cake nice and thick and took a bite AND YUK, it was off. When I had a closer look you could see all the little spore things growing. The sell by date was for March 1st which is tomorrow. Little cogs are turning in my head, how much compensation can I claim, how many magic coupons will I get, hurra I'll be coupon rich. Anyway took it back to the shop and got my refund as they didn't have any left. I was only joking about the compensation thing by the way. I did have reason to complain once about some dog food I had. I wrote to the company as if I was the dog who hadn't had any dinner as it was bad and kept it nice and jolly and signed off something like love from a very hungry, sad, Saffron and I got a few boxes in return, I think they sent too many by mistake but I was a very happy bunny so was Saffy. I think I'd better sign off now as these blogs of mine seem to turn into mini novels, don't want to bore the natives now do I. Bye for now off to do my nails. Night, night all, Linda x